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A Guide To Cancelling Your Car Finance Plan Early

When you enter into a car finance agreement, it can feel very final and like there is no way out. We all know that signing up to a car finance agreement is a big decision that should be properly considered, but many of us don’t […]

Traps To Avoid When Buying A Car On Finance

Buying a new vehicle is exciting, and car finance can make getting your dream car more affordable. Whether it is your first car or it is time to trade in your old banger for a new ride, there are a few things to watch out […]

Can I Trade In A Car With Outstanding Finance?

Using a finance agreement is a popular way of funding a car purchase. It can give you access to vehicles that might usually be out of your price range and gives you the chance to split the cost over several years instead of paying out […]

Can I Sell A Car With An Outstanding Finance Plan?

Finance plans are a very popular way of purchasing vehicles. Many car owners choose to buy their cars through finance agreements as opposed to outright as there are many benefits such as splitting the cost over many months. The confusion comes when you want to […]

Car Finance Jargon Buster

Arranging car finance isn’t always easy, and when you are exploring all your options, the chances are you will come across some financial jargon that you just don’t understand. It is vital that you know exactly what you are looking at it when it comes […]

What Is A Fund Manager?

For those looking to make a better return on their investment than that available through a typical UK savings account, buying shares is a good option, even if you don’t have a huge amount of money to invest because they generally offer a greater return […]

What does the Bank of England do?

One of the oldest banks in the world, the Bank of England was formed in 1694 to act as a private bank to the English government. It remained in private ownership until 1946 when it was nationalised. In 1998 it became an Independent Public Organisation. […]

Lifetime ISAs Explained

Saving for your first home or for your retirement can seem like an overwhelming prospect, and for many young people having a decent amount of savings can seem like an unachievable goal. Whether it is owning a home of your own, or having a reasonable […]

How to Successfully Switch Current Accounts

Your current account is one of the most important aspects of your finances. It is where your income is deposited, your bills are paid, and your savings are kept. Many people are not satisfied with their current bank accounts and would prefer to move elsewhere […]

How To Negotiate Final Settlement Of Your Debts

As of December 2018, the average UK households credit card debt stood at £7,863, an amount it would take over 25 years to pay back if only minimum repayments were made. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to make those repayments, often through no fault of […]

How Are Interest Rates Set?

Interest rates affect all of us, whether we borrow money from a bank, carry a balance on a credit card, or have a savings account. When we borrow money, we pay interest on our repayments, calculated as a percentage of the total amount we owe. […]

Help to Buy ISAs Explained

Taking those first steps onto the property ladder is no easy task; it takes a lot of saving and can take years to have enough to be able to buy your first home. With houses getting increasingly expensive, it is becoming more and more challenging […]

Junior ISAs: Children ISA Explained

Many parents and other relatives want to start saving early in order to put their children on the path to a stable financial future. Whether you plan on saving so they can purchase their first home, go to university or just have some money to […]

What Is Dynamic Currency Conversion And Why You Should Avoid It

According to the most recent figures released by the government, over six million UK residents travel overseas each month. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, this figure represents a lot of money spent in other countries. In some cases, this money will be spent in […]

Business Loans For Non-Homeowners – What Are Your Options?

When you apply for a personal loan, one of the first questions lenders ask is ‘are you a homeowner?’. If the answer’s no, anything beyond a low-value, unsecured, personal loan may be beyond your reach. However, if you’re a business owner, the answer as to […]

Supply Chain Finance Explained

Small businesses often struggle with getting approved for finance and loans, especially if they are newly established. This is usually because they have not yet had the chance to build up their own credit score. Global supply chains stretch across the world, and companies are […]

Selective Invoice Finance Explained

According to research carried out by The Sage Group, 17% of invoices issued by small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are paid late; 50% of those that receive late payments say it has an impact on their ability to operate effectively and can lead to their […]

Reasons To Use A Business Finance Broker

Financial products can be confusing, and as there are so many different options available, it isn’t always easy to know which is going to be best for you. It can be worthwhile to seek the help of an experienced professional who will have the knowledge, […]

Mezzanine Finance Explained

When it comes to funding, there is a vast array of options available to suit individuals and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Some funding options are fairly straightforward, while others are more complex and difficult to understand fully. One of the most complex funding […]

Invoice Factoring Vs Invoice Discounting – What’s The Difference?

In 2017, over 60% of invoices raised by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and accounting for £21 billion worth of business were paid late. While larger organisations might have the working capital available to cover any shortfalls from late payments, for SMEs, this can be […]

Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) Scheme Explained

Starting up a new business or growing your existing business is no easy task. It takes hard work, time and money to grow a business, and many new and small companies struggle to find the funding they need. As a business owner, it can be […]

A Guide To Management Buyouts (MBO) Explained

Thousands of individuals dream of owning their own business one day, and for those that have worked hard to climb the ladder to management at an existing company, it can seem like an impossible task to ever own their own company. Managers will often have […]

A Guide To Leveraged Buyouts (LBO) Explained

Buying an already established company is almost always going to be an expensive transaction, and many business owners do not have the funding available to make these kinds of large purchases themselves. A large number of businesses are purchased using borrowed money, and a Leveraged […]

A Guide To Consolidating Business Debts

Almost every business will have debts of some kind, and it is nearly impossible to run a company without incurring some debts along the way. Having various debts with different lenders can be both confusing and expensive. As a business, it can be a struggle […]

How Best To Take Advantage Of 0% Balance Credit Cards

As of December 2018, the average UK household held £7,863 in credit card debt. Based on average interest rates, and by only making the minimum payments, it would take over 26 years to pay these debts off. If this sounds like you, and you don’t […]

Working Capital Finance Explained

Every company needs working capital in order to operate. It is used to pay employees, customers and invest in long-term organisational growth. Without it, a business is unlikely to succeed. Yet, many companies focus more on cash flow (which is still important) rather than whether […]

Revolving Credit Facilities Explained

Running a business is no easy feat and staying on top of your finances in an unpredictable economy can be much more difficult than anticipated. If you find yourself struggling financially, then being in the know as far as loans and facilities are concerned is […]

Merchant Cash Advance Explained

Companies who take payments from customers using card terminals and looking for an injection of cash to cover the cost of short-term expenses or invest in business growth have a number of options available to them. One which is becoming increasingly popular, especially when compared […]

Invoice Discounting Explained

Cash flow, or rather cash flow problems, are the primary reason most businesses in the UK fail. If a business can’t find the right balance between income and expenditure, it won’t succeed. Which is where invoice discounting comes in, allowing companies to better manage their […]

Equipment Finance Explained

Cash flow issues can be a challenge, especially when you know you have financial commitments to pay out. Finding a solution to this challenge can be just as difficult but rest assured there are a number of solutions out there suited to specific business types […]

Business Overdraft Alternatives

Setting up a new business doesn’t come without its difficulties – and staying on top of things financially is often the largest difficulty of all. In the past, ensuring that your business bank account was fitted with a business overdraft was the most common form […]

Business Asset Finance Explained

According to LinkedIn, one of the biggest issues faced by companies starting out or looking to grow is financing, closely followed by cash flow. Financing is needed to purchase the supplies and buy-in the resources needed to get a business off the ground, while a […]

A Guide To Personal Guarantees On Business Loans

Taking out a loan for your business can be a challenge, and there are often strings attached that business owners don’t fully understand. There is significant importance attached to understanding conditions attached to business loans, such as personal guarantees, and understanding exactly what they mean […]

A Guide To Crowdfunded Business Loans

If you have a newly formed business, then you may find that generating cash is a difficult feat – getting accepted for a business loan is difficult at the best of times but add being new to the business world to the mix, and you […]

5 Tips To Protect Your Business From Risks

Whether you’re new to the entrepreneur game and starting up your first company, or are a seasoned professional with years of experience, running your own business is no easy task. As the owner of a business, you are responsible for doing everything you can to […]

Loss Of Income Insurance Explained

Every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals are unable to work because of illness or injury, and while no one likes to think about these kinds of things happening to them, it is possible to protect yourself and your income. If something were to happen […]

Keyman Insurance Explained

Many employers focus a lot on how they can adequately protect their staff members in the workplace. Usually, this is in the form of some kind of life insurance or death in service plan, in order to help their families get by should anything happen […]

Tips On How To Increase Your Credit Card Credit Limit

Sometimes you might find yourself with an overdraft or a credit card and have a need or want to raise the credit limit. You might have several motivations for doing so, and fortunately, it can be done. Despite credit limit referring to the maximum set […]

Is your money safe when using a money transfer firm?

When you need to send money overseas, there is a range of different options available to you. One popular choice is to use a money transfer firm to send the money on your behalf. There are plenty of money transfer firms to choose from, each […]

How to Successfully Get Your First Credit Card

Having a credit card is important considering the different ways it can help you offset pressing financial needs. Most importantly, it’s highly useful in building a credit record or enhances it while offering the funds you need to offset emergencies. However, applying and getting your […]

How To Protect Your Income If You’re Sick Or Become Ill

Many individuals worry about what would happen if they become sick or get an injury that means they can no longer work and earn a living. Becoming seriously ill could mean you can no longer do your job and have a steady income and could […]

How To Best Take Advantage Of 0% Purchase Credit Cards

0% purchase credit cards can be beneficial if used well. It’s perfect for saving on huge and crucial purchases as long as you’re able to clear the balance within the agreed or introductory period clearly indicated. It’s superb for anyone thinking of a major purchase […]

How is Visa Different to MasterCard?

It’s not uncommon for most people to wonder how MasterCard differs from Visa. Essentially, both companies have a lot of similarities, but there are a few distinct differences too. Of importance is that both MasterCard and Visa don’t distribute or provide debit or credit cards. […]

Advice When Using a Credit Card Abroad

One of the most important things you need to pay attention to before you leave the UK for the rest of the world is ensuring your money is safe. Compared to credit cards, cash is very unsafe and could tempt foreigners in their environment to […]

How To Use A Credit Card To Collect Air Miles

One of the best perks of using most credit card services is the opportunity to enjoy benefits that come with it. These rewards are varied, but enjoying cheaper or free flights is often at the top of the list. You can really cut the cost […]

How To Successfully Get A Credit Card With Bad Credit

Once your credit report has been analysed, it’ll determine whether you can access credit from most institutions, including credit card companies. While applying for a credit card, the providers usually take into account a person’s credit score, which is determined by different factors. The decision […]

How To Protect Your Income If You’re Made Redundant

Many people worry about being made redundant and what it could mean for their families, homes and bills. If you are suddenly out of a job, it can make paying your mortgage, bills and day to day expenses a struggle, especially if you have a […]

How To Protect Your Income If You Are Self-Employed

Running your own business is rewarding, especially when business is going well, and things are running smoothly. However, being self-employed does mean that you don’t have the same protection and security as those in an employed position. If you find yourself in a situation where […]

How To Build Up Your Credit Rating With A Credit Card

In today’s world, having a poor credit rating can feel disastrous. However, unlike in the past when it was almost impossible to improve it, you can do something about it. You can actually build your credit rating using a credit card. It’s most important to […]

Credit Card Charges Explained

If you miss a payment for your credit card, or carry out international transactions or even simply withdraw funds from the card at an ATM, the results are very costly as charges begin to apply. Charges will also apply if you go over credit card […]

A Guide To Business Insurance

When you run your own business, there are various types of business insurance available that are designed to protect you and your business. Some types of business insurance are a requirement for your business, while others are optional, and having the correct ones in place […]

What’s The Difference Between Life Insurance And Life Assurance?

It is a common misconception that life insurance and life assurance are interchangeable terms for the same thing, but in actual fact, they are different types of policies that work in different ways. It is important to understand the key differences between life insurance and […]

What is the cheapest method when sending money abroad?

Thanks to new technologies, the traditional methods of sending money abroad are no longer the only ones available. Consumers now have access to a range of options, including those with low (or no) fees and charges, making it cheap and easy to send your money […]

How To Send Money To Students Studying Abroad

Each year, around 20,000 UK students travel abroad to study for at least three months, attracted by the idea of experiencing a different way of life. Yet, while the students. While the students are no doubt excited by their new adventures, for parents, the practicalities […]

How To Send Money Overseas For Business Payments

For businesses looking to send money abroad to buy goods or pay staff if they operate internationally, there are several options they might want to consider. There are pros, cons and costs associated with each and which one they choose will, in part, depend on […]

How To Plan Ahead To Pay For Your Funeral Costs

The cost of holding a funeral is always increasing and can currently set families back over £4,000 just for the essentials. Planning ahead for your death is often difficult to think about, but it can protect your family from a hefty bill after you’re gone. […]

How To Choose A Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance is often one of the most important insurance policies you will ever take out as it provides your family with financial stability, and you with peace of mind that your loved ones will be cared for when you are no longer around. Choosing […]

How To Choose A Critical Illness Policy

Life is full of unexpected surprises, and while we all hope for the best for ourselves and our families, it is often worth preparing for the worst. Critical illness cover can help to protect your loved ones should something life-changing happen to you, and while […]

How To Best Send Money Abroad To Buy A House

While no one is sure of the exact figures, roughly 5 million British citizens live abroad. Many of these have bought houses abroad, looking to take advantage of warmer weather and a lower cost of living. Buying a house abroad, however, isn’t quite the same […]

Expert Tips To Prevent Credit Card Fraud

With the hugely popular credit card facility and the ability to purchase just about anything anywhere comes a risk of fraud. Globally, credit card fraud is serious and run into billions of pounds and takes different forms. In 2015 financial fraud cost a total of […]

What’s The Difference Between A Credit And Debit Card?

One of the best ways of purchasing different services and products you need on a daily basis is a credit card or debit card. Both credit and debit card are the same in that regard considering they help you purchase the different items you require. […]

Are Pre-paid Cards Suitable For Bad Credit Applicants?

One of the questions many people ask is whether prepaid cards are suitable for applicants with bad credit. The truth is that those who’ve had serious financial repercussions before might find it really hard to access personal loans or credit cards and even a current […]

A Guide To Sending Money Abroad

People need to send money abroad for lots of different reasons including buying or selling property, paying bills, helping out family or friends, purchasing goods or services, and paying staff that live in a different country. For many, their bank or building society is there […]

A Guide To Prepaid Cards For Travelling Abroad

In the recent past, travelling abroad meant carrying money in different ways that exposed you to threats of theft or loss. Not so today with prepaid cards, a new way of enjoying your travel without minding a lot about so many risks. A prepaid card […]

5 Occasions When You Might Use A Prepaid Card

Prepaid cards are one of the popular ways of using your money throughout the UK or even abroad for the frequent traveller. They come with their strengths and weaknesses but getting one can definitely pay off in some form or another. Prepaid cards are loved […]

What Does A Whole Of Live Insurance Policy Mean?

Understanding all the various options available when it comes to life insurance can be confusing, and it isn’t always easy to think about what will be best for your loved ones in the event of your death. It is important that you properly understand your […]

What Is A Level Term Life Insurance Policy?

It is a common misconception that every life insurance policy is the same, but in reality, there is a range of different types of life insurance available and choosing the best one for you can be confusing. If you have a family that depends on […]

What Is A Guaranteed Life Insurance Policy?

Choosing a life insurance policy is likely to be one of the most significant financial decisions you make during your lifetime and can have a huge impact on your family after you’re gone. It is never an easy topic to think about but getting your […]

A Guide To Professional Indemnity Insurance

If your company offers professional services or advice to other companies, professional indemnity cover, while not compulsory, is something you should seriously consider. This is because it covers you against claims made by clients for any loss they’ve suffered as a result of the advice […]

How To Protect Your Mortgage Payments Against Sickness Or Accident

According to the most recent data released by Finance UK, approximately 4,000 homes a year are repossessed due to non-payment of mortgages and over 77,000 more homeowners are in arrears. Not being able to pay their mortgage and losing their home is probably one of […]

How To Protect Your Business If You Get Sued

Nobody goes into business expecting things to go wrong, but every business owner knows, sometimes, they will. When mistakes happen, and a client is involved, the hope would be that any issues could be resolved amicably. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and businesses find […]

What Is Death In Service Cover?

Thinking about what would happen after you die is never pleasant, but it is often necessary in order to properly provide for your loved ones should you no longer be around. It is essential to be prepared and ensure that your family can adequately cover […]

A Guide To Critical Illness Cover

Life can be unpredictable, and it is essential that you are properly prepared for all eventualities. Nobody ever expects to fall ill, but when the worst happens, it can cause some serious problems for both you and your family. Critical illness cover can provide you […]

Tips To Avoid Jet Lag

Humans are creatures of habit. We like to eat and sleep at roughly the same time every day based on what are known as circadian rhythms. When we travel across time zones, we disrupt these rhythms, leading to us feeling overly tired, suffering from physical […]

What To Do With Your Leftover Currency?

When you come back from an overseas trip, the chances are you will have some foreign currency that you didn’t spend during your holiday. Coming home with unspent travel money can leave you feeling short-changed, and many travellers end up leaving it tucked away in […]

What Is An Early Redemption Penalty or Charge?

Early Repayment Penalty also refers to Early Repayment Charge (ERC) and indicates a fee you might be required by a lender in case you paid off your mortgage or loan prior to the credit facility’s scheduled term. A redemption penalty is usually equal to one […]

Traveller’s Cheques? What Are The Modern Day Alternatives?

Traveller’s cheques have been used in some form or other since at least the late 1700s when Thomas Cook issued them as a way of paying for goods and services abroad. Many people in the UK will be familiar with them, though whether they use […]

A Guide To Tracker Mortgages

For home buyers who want their mortgages to reflect the base rate changes, perhaps tracker mortgages can really help. Tracker mortgage refers to variable rate types of mortgages where interest rate payments are controlled by the base rate changes of the Bank of England. Base […]

What Is A Standard Variable Rate Mortgage?

Once a tracker, discount or fixed rate mortgage has come to an end the lender usually quotes another interest rate mostly known as the Standard Variable Rate (SVR). Lenders have the freedom to set their own SVR, which becomes the interest rate by default to […]

How To Save Money When Booking Your Holiday

According to research carried out by travel site Expedia, the average UK family takes two holidays a year, each of which lasts around nine days and costs approximately £2,400. Whichever way you look at it, this is a lot of money, especially when you consider […]

How To Live Frugally While Travelling Abroad

According to the latest government figures, around eight million people travel abroad each month. The majority of these trips are for pleasure, with the average holiday lasting nine days and costing £2,417 per holiday. If this is out of your price range, but you still […]

How To Find Good Travel Accommodation On A Budget

When you are travelling, whether for a holiday or for a longer trip, one of the biggest costs you will incur is your accommodation. Wherever you are jetting off to, you will need somewhere to sleep and keep your luggage while you are away, and […]

Holiday Packing Checklist

Preparing for a trip away is an exciting time, whether it’s a holiday to some exotic beach location, an adventurous city break, or an action-packed trip away. All us holidaymakers want is to get away and begin enjoying a hard-earned break, but before you can […]

What Are Fixed Rate Mortgages?

One thing a mortgage shopper wants is the security that they won’t be under pressure to pay back more than they can afford. Fixed rate mortgages are considered the best in this regard considering they allow takers to enjoyed fixed interest amounts to be paid […]

What Is A Decision in Principle (DIP)?

Once you’ve made up your mind that you need a mortgage and have set eyes on your perfect home or investment opportunity, then the DIP (Decision In Principle) comes into play. DIP is also referred to as lending certificate or AIP (Agreement In Principle) or […]

A Guide To Tipping Abroad

Travelling to new countries and exploring new cultures is exciting, and when you are jetting off on holiday to a new destination, you are about to experience a whole new way of doing things. Every country has their own cultures and etiquettes, and when it […]

A Guide To Car Hire Abroad

When you are on holiday, hiring a car for your trip can give you the freedom to explore your destination at your own leisure. It is a popular option for many holidaymakers and having your own vehicle to hop into when you please can make […]

A Beginners Guide to Investing In Art

With interest rates on savings remaining at an all-time low and returns on traditional stocks and shares investments not fairing much better, many people are considering investing in what are known as SWAG (silver, wine, art and gold) assets to try and make money. Of […]

What To Do When Your Business Is Insolvent

Running a business is incredibly difficult, and sometimes, the worst happens. Sometimes, you can’t afford to pay your bills, and you find yourself in financial disarray. A company goes into what we call insolvency when they can no longer afford to pay their debts – […]

What Is The Pension Commencement Lump Sum?

Pensions are complicated financial products and knowing how best to use yours once you reach retirement can be difficult. With various options available to you for your retirement income, it isn’t always straightforward knowing which one is going to be right for you and your […]

WARNING: Beware The Pension Release Scams

What we all want is to be able to have a comfortable retirement, and our pensions are a great way of securing a reasonable retirement income. Pensions are not the most straightforward of financial products, with various types and options to consider and be aware […]

7 Tips to Make Extra Money in Retirement

The worst thing you can probably experience is seeing your retirement finances dwindle without a way to improve your financial outlook. Whether you’re well catered for in your retirement or short in terms of finances, making extra money on the side in your retirement can […]

Tips For When Travelling With Young Children

Escaping the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and setting off on a well-needed holiday is a luxury that we all enjoy. A break from work and your usual routine is an excellent chance to relax, unwind and spend some time with your family, […]

Tax Relief On Pension Contributions Explained

Not many people know much about savings and pensions and how tax relief comes in. In fact, in a study two in five people in the UK have no idea how tax relief works. UK tax relief was set up to encourage taxpayers to save […]

Pension Transfers Explained

Pensions are complicated products, and if you are considering transferring a pension, then there are a lot of things that you should consider before going ahead. Transferring your pension is a big financial decision that can affect your financial stability for the rest of your […]

OEICs – What Are They And How Do I Invest?

If you have some funds available and are looking for the best way to invest them and hopefully make a tidy profit, then you might come across the term OEICs or Unit Trusts. These are both very popular types of investment funds, and when you […]

How To Successfully Plan For Retirement

One of the most eye-popping surveys of the last few years shows that millions of people across Britain face a real tough future in their retirement. According to the Financial Conduct Authority, 31 per cent of adults in the UK are living without private pensions […]

How To Stay Safe When Travelling Abroad

There is little more exciting than jetting off on a foreign adventure, whether it’s a weekend break or a longer adventure. Travelling abroad gives you the opportunity to explore the world and experience other cultures and ways of life. Many people are wary of travelling […]

How To Stay Motivated When Self-Employed

Being self-employed is looked upon as the dream. Working from home if you so wish, being your own boss, managing your own hours and doing a job that you love. In writing, it does indeed seem that way. However, in reality, self-employment and staying motivated […]

How To Start A New Business On A Budget

Taking the plunge and deciding to work for yourself can be a challenge and it takes a lot of personal strength and self-awareness to make that move. Doing so when you have minimal money to put down as capital is an even bolder move, but […]

Why Use A Financial Advisor?

Throughout your life, there will be several times where you will have to make big financial decisions that will affect your future. If you have little or no experience in managing your finances and investing your money, then it can be difficult to make these […]

How To Plan For Your Death

Death results in grief, financial problems and lots of other issues, particularly for those who never took time to plan for it. Thinking about the end of your life isn’t easy, but planning for it will help you remain in control of everything, including the […]

How To Plan For Your Care In Older Age

Very few people think about their lives in old age and practically prepare for it. In fact, only one in ten people in the UK over the age of 45 have set aside funds to cater for possible future care costs. Everyone at a certain […]

How To Plan A Holiday Of A Lifetime

Getting around the world nowadays is easier than it has ever been, and many of us jet off on holiday every year to get a break away from our everyday lives. Going away for a week or two to a sunny destination and lying on […]

How To Modernise A House And Sell It On For A Profit

Renovation and home improvement are definitely turning into what could be a viable business opportunity for homeowners, with more and more people making positive changes to their homes with the intention of boosting the profit they will gain upon reselling. If this is something that […]

How To Keep Your Money Safe When Travelling

If you’ve planned your next trip abroad and are preparing to jet off on an amazing adventure, there’s a good chance you’ll be bringing a lot of your hard-earned cash with you. Travelling is exciting, and wherever your next trip will take you, it is […]

How To Invest In Property

Property investments are one of the most common forms of investments, alongside bonds, shares and cash. Anyone looking to make a profitable investment is likely to have considered property in one form or another. There are various different ways of investing in property, with everything […]

How To Invest In An ISA With Stocks And Shares

When you are saving for your future, you will want to find the best way to invest your money. Many individuals choose to use a stocks and shares ISA to invest their savings and hopefully see them grow over time. If you are considering investing […]

How To Deal With Business Cash Flow Problems

While all business owners, small or otherwise, dream of affluence and positive business transactions, sometimes life gets in the way and business starts to suffer, leading to cash flow issues beyond your control. If this is the case, then accessing and ultimately addressing the situation […]

How Much Will A Funeral Cost?

While funerals are unique and differ depending on what loved ones want or the wishes of the deceased, it’s very expensive to arrange one. Apart from dealing with grief and loss, you must contemplate the ever-soaring funeral costs. In the UK today, arranging a funeral […]

Examples Of Home Improvements That Add Value To Your Home

If you’re looking at selling your home- or else you’re looking at doing some work to your house now, to benefit it further down the line – then being strategic and understanding what types of home improvements will increase the value of your home is […]

A Guide To Working From Home Successfully

Working from home is arguably considered to be on the major benefits of being a freelancer, a business owner or a sole trader but unfortunately for some, certain problems arise from being given the freedom to operate in your own home. Finding motivation and being […]

A Guide To Travelling Abroad For The First Time

Jetting off on your first overseas adventure is an exciting experience that you will never forget, but it can also be a daunting prospect. If you have never been on a plane or stayed in a foreign country, it can all be a bit overwhelming […]

A Guide to Retiring Abroad

More than 6 million people in the UK are planning to retire abroad, whether in Europe or elsewhere. Dreams of idyllic places, warm climates and easy life can push you to think about spending your retired years elsewhere. However, with global economies shaky and lots […]

A Guide To Investing In Premium Bonds

Premium Bonds are the biggest saving product in the UK, with roughly 23 million people across the country investing in them. The popular product has been around since 1956 and is increasingly popular or many reasons. This guide covers everything you need to know about […]

Unit Trusts Explained

With interest rates paid on savings remaining low across the UK, investments are an increasingly attractive option for people wanting to see a return for their money. Depending on the level of risk you are willing to take, there are a number of options out […]

Simple Ways To Make Savings When You Retire

People invest heavily in their future with the hope of living a quality life after retirement. Even the government acknowledges you might need more funds than it provides for retirement and recommends ensuring you are eligible for a state pension as well as paying into […]

How To Save For Your Pension

About a third of adults in the UK haven’t been saving for retirement. Also, one out of seven individuals about to retire doesn’t have a workplace or private pension set up. Even worse, those within the 45-55 age bracket have been found to spend most […]

How To Make A Will

Over 60 per cent of adults in the UK are reportedly living dangerously without a will. Most of the reasons why many are yet to make wills are procrastination and promises of preparing one in the near future. The downside of this is that if […]

How To Invest Successfully In Shares

According to a Schroders Global Investor Study, the majority of investors in the UK expect returns of up to 10% in five years, which is almost the same across Europe. Obviously, investing in shares is lucrative and a wonderful way of investing your money. You […]

How To Fund Home Adaptations You Need To Make

In the UK today the disabled are over 13.9 million according to Scope research. They include children, working-age adults and pension age adults. Also, about 11.8 million people today are above the age of 65 and projected to hit 16 million in just 17 years […]

How To Deal With An Estate Where There Is No Will

According to a survey by Macmillan Cancer Support, 42% of people over 55 living in the UK don’t have a will. Over a million more people may have made their wills invalid by getting married, as this automatically revokes any previously made will. This means […]

How To Deal With A Deceased Person’s Pension

When someone dies, one of the first things the Executor of a will or Administrator of an estate needs to do is deal with that person’s pension or – potentially – pensions. The steps you need to take depend on whether you are dealing with […]

A Fresher’s Guide To Moving Into Student Accommodation

If you’re one of the almost half a million new students attending university this year, you’ll no doubt have a lot to think about, from the courses you’ll take to the people you might meet. If you plan on living away from home, getting ready […]

A Guide To Student Loans

With university tuition fees averaging £9,250 a year, many students take out loans in order to cover the cost of their education. How, though, do these loans work, and are their alternatives? Types of student loans There are two types of student loan: Tuition fee […]

What Is An HMO?

Rental properties are in high demand in the UK, with more and more people on the hunt for affordable properties for rent all across the country. Many tenants are looking for cheaper renting options, especially in expensive areas such as London, and HMOs can offer […]

What Are The HMO Licensing Requirements?

Investing in HMOs (House in Multiple Occupation) can be an attractive option to many landlords. The amount of income you can earn through an HMO is often higher than with standard to buy to let properties, making them an interesting investment. Managing an HMO does […]

How To Rent Out Your Spare Room

When you have a spare room in your home, instead of leaving it sitting empty or storing your old possessions, you could be using it to make some extra income. Renting out a spare room is an excellent way to improve your bank balance and […]

How To Invest In Student Properties

Anyone who graduated from university over a decade ago will remember student accommodation being run-down, freezing house shares with an array of problems. In more recent years, students are choosing to spend more on their rent and live in luxurious homes and purpose-built student accommodation. […]

How To Invest In Serviced Accommodation

When you are considering investing in property and using some of your money to try to make a decent return, serviced accommodation or serviced apartments might not be your first thought. More and more people are choosing to invest in serviced accommodation instead of buy-to-let […]

How To Invest In Buy To Let Through A Limited Company

In April 2017, the UK government introduced changes to the way landlords needed to pay their taxes. These changes, which are being phased in over a four year period, mean landlords with residential properties will no longer be allowed to deduct allowable costs related to […]

How To Invest In A Holiday Home

Buying a holiday home is a dream for many; the idea of being able to escape to your own holiday destination whenever you fancy is an exciting prospect. Holiday homes are not only a nice luxury but can also make for an attractive investment opportunity. […]

11 Point Checklist For Starting Your New Business

While the idea of starting your own business can seem daunting, it’s actually a quick, easy and affordable process; one most people can do for themselves by following these ten steps. 1. Assess viability When you have an idea for a business, you need to […]

A Quick Guide To Your Obligations As A Landlord

Renting out a property you own can be an excellent way of securing some extra income and is a great long term investment that many are making the most of. When you invest in buy to let properties, you will be a landlord to the […]

A Guide To Taking On A Lodger

More and more people are choosing to increase their monthly income by renting out a spare room to a lodger. Taking in a lodger is a great way to utilise all the space in your home and make some extra money with little work. If […]

A Guide To Successful Buy To Let Investing

The rise of renting in the UK has made the prospect of buy to let investing a pretty interesting one to many people. Investing in a property and renting it out can be a very profitable way of using your cash, but only if you […]

A Guide To Going Self-Employed For The First Time

According to the Office for National Statistics, there are over 4.8 million self-employed people working it the UK, a figure that has been increasing steadily since 2001. Initially, this increase was in response to the economic downturn. However, despite unemployment now being at an all-time […]

A Guide To Funding Your New Business Start-Up

Since 2011, the number of new business start-ups in the UK has increased significantly year-on-year, a trend many experts say is set to continue. Unfortunately, 40% of these businesses fail in the first five years, and cash flow (or a lack of it) is one […]

A Guide To Being A Landlord For The First Time

With renting in the UK becoming more and more popular, there has never been a better time to become a first-time landlord. The demand for rented properties is constantly on the rise, and it isn’t expected to slow down any time soon. Renting out a […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Starting A Business

The number of people starting their own business in the UK has been growing steadily for over a decade, in part due to the uncertainties brought about by the economic downturn. It is also because working for yourself can mean a more flexible lifestyle and […]

What To Do If Your Home Survey Report Uncovers Issues?

Buying a new property is an exciting time, and once you have found your dream home and begun the buying process, the last thing you want is a home survey report uncovering issues. It can often be frustrating after spending time searching for the perfect […]

What Is Involved In The Conveyancing Process?

Most people will only buy or sell a property a handful of times during their lifetime, and the conveyancing process can often be very overwhelming to those with a limited experience of the property market. Whether you are buying or selling a property, it is […]

What Is A Bill Of Sale?

Choosing the right type of loan can be difficult, especially when there are so many different types out there for borrowers to consider, with varying interest rates and specific requirements attached to all of them. If you are struggling to take out a loan through […]

Mortgage Valuation Survey Explained

The home buying process can be very confusing, especially to those new to the property market. Along the way, you will likely hear many terms that you simply don’t understand, but it is important to get as much information as you can about the process […]

How To Prioritise Your Debts

Finding yourself in financial difficulty, particularly in an economy such as this where the cost of living is on the rise can be especially tough. While debts are an everyday occurrence in a vast number of peoples’ lives, allowing them to spiral out of control […]

How Much Does A Conveyancing Solicitor Cost?

Buying a house is often one of the most significant financial decisions you will make in your lifetime, and as well as the price of the property itself, you also need to factor in the cost of the conveyancing process. Conveyancing comes with various fees […]

A Guide to The Homebuyer Survey

Buying a new property is an exciting time and a big financial decision that is not without its risks. When you buy a new home, you will also be taking on the responsibility of looking after the property and investing in it where necessary. If […]

Home Adaptations You Can Make That Will Help In Old Age

Making a home that is both suited to how you live now and how you will likely live in the future can be challenging. However, by preparing your home early with adaptations that can help in old age can provide a stress-free transition. Replace traditional […]

Could A Logbook Lender Repossess Your Car?

Taking out a loan, through whatever means, can often be a lifeline if you’re struggling financially. However, unfortunately, sometimes financial difficulties don’t stop after you’ve taken out the loan and you may find yourself in a position where you can no longer afford the repayments. […]

8 Home Improvements You Can Do On A Small Budget

The desire to improve your home comes regularly – but, generally speaking, it can also come at a significant cost, depending on the type of improvement you’re looking at. Finding cost-efficient ways of improving your home can give you that feeling of a brand new […]

What Are The Alternatives To Logbook Loans?

Most people suffer some sort of financial hardship at some point in their lives. While there are plenty of options available to people who own property as a means of releasing equity, if you’re unable to do so you may find that the options available […]

How To Deal With The Debts Of Someone Who Has Died

When a partner or family member dies, it can be more difficult to handle when you also have to deal with their debts. This article explains the steps you should take to deal with the debts of someone who has died. If you need further […]

How To Deal With Late Payment Letters And Demands

If you receive a late payment letter, it can be very stressful, but you should try not to worry. Initially, it is important that you understand which of your debts are a priority. The next step is to begin to deal with them. You can […]

5 Ways You Can Release Equity From Your Property

Life brings about those unexpected costs at the most inconvenient of times and coming up with ways to find the money can be tough. This is especially true in an economy where the cost of living is continuously on the rise. If you’re fortunate enough […]

Can You Still Get A Loan With CCJ’s, Defaults Or Missed Payments?

According to figures released by the Office for Budget Responsibility in March 2018, the average household’s debt-to-income ratio has been steadily increasing over the past few years and is set to reach 146% by 2023. Unfortunately, this means the number of people missing payments, defaulting […]

Can You Get A Logbook Loan Without A Credit Check?

Acquiring credit is a difficult thing to do, especially if you’ve never taken out credit in any shape or form before, or else if you have a bad credit history. If you’re in dire need of a loan, for whatever reason, but you don’t have […]

Can You Get A Bad Credit Loan Without Using A Guarantor?

Last year, one in five people were turned down for a personal loan or credit card. Over 40% of these were rejected because of poor credit. If you were one of those people, and need to take out a loan, you might think your only […]

Are Logbook Loans Dangerous?

Understanding loans can be difficult, especially with all the different types available to lenders. If you’re struggling to take out a loan because of your credit rating, then there are options out there for you. However, these options often come with negative repercussions. Being aware […]

A Guide To Getting Planning Permission

Having the financial backing to do work to your property is lovely, but there’s a lot more to it than saving up the money you need and hiring a team of people to carry out the work for you. Making sure you’re following all of […]

What Are The Alternatives To Guarantor Loans?

Guarantor loans are a form of unsecured debt which – as the name suggests – require someone to co-sign your loan application, acting as a guarantor and agreeing to make repayments if you’re unable to. Generally, guarantor loans are for between £1,000 and £15,000 and […]

A Guide To Being A Loan Guarantor

A guarantor loan is an unsecured loan, generally taken out by someone who has a poor credit rating or no credit history. They need a person with good credit to co-sign their application. This person is known as a guarantor and becomes responsible for payments […]

How To Buy Property Cheaply At Auction

Buying a new home at an auction can be an exciting and thrilling way to purchase your next property. Whether you are buying your next home or a property to develop, buying at auction can be a great way to bag yourself a bargain home. […]

Why Do Payday Loans Charge A High APR?

When you are in a difficult financial situation, applying for a payday loan can seem like the only solution. These short-term, high-interest loans are easy to be accepted for and can give you money in your bank account within minutes. They are designed to bridge […]

What Is The Difference Between An Instalment Loan & A Payday Loan?

When you need to borrow some money, it can be difficult to know which type of financial product is right for you. There are loads of different lending options available, from mortgages and car finance to credit cards and payday loans and knowing which is […]

What Are The Alternatives To Payday Loans?

Payday loans are a popular option for individuals who are in need of a small amount of cash quickly and are often used to help bridge the gap until the next payday, hence the name. They offer a quick and simple solution when a cash […]

5 Ideas To Fix A Broken Property Chain

If you are buying a new home, then the chances are the seller of that property is also buying another home to move into themselves. You are probably in the process of selling your home to someone else as well unless you are a first-time […]

Payday Direct Lenders Or Broker? How Are They Different?

When you find yourself in a difficult financial situation, you might consider a payday loan to tide you over until your next pay check. Emergency expenses happen to everyone at one time or another, whether it is that your car has broken down, a pipe […]

How To Use Bridging Finance To Buy Property At Auction

Whether you are a buy to let landlord, potential homeowner or a property developer, buying a property at auction has its benefits. Many individuals choose to buy property at auction rather than traditional methods because there is often a good deal to be had. Many […]

How To Complain About A Payday Lender

When you are struggling to find the money to last until your next payday or an emergency arises, and you need some extra funds quickly, it might seem like a good idea to get a payday loan. Payday loans are short-term finance solutions that are […]

Does A Payday Loan Negatively Affect Your Credit Score?

Every type of lending or financial product can have a negative impact on your credit score if they are not managed properly, and payday loans are no different. Payday loans are a form of short-term finance that is designed to bridge the gap between paydays […]

How Your Parents Can Help You Buy A House

Getting onto the property ladder is hard, especially in today’s economy and as a parent, you want nothing more than to ensure a bright future for your offspring. Not everybody can afford to give their children large amounts of money to help them buy their […]

How To Buy A Repossessed Property

According to trade association Finance UK, 4,700 homes were repossessed in 2017, approximately 500 a month. This is down almost 50% on the previous year but still means there are plenty of properties out there for buyers looking for a good deal on their next […]

How To Buy A House At Auction

For buyers looking for a bargain or investment opportunity, auctions offer the chance for them to pick up a property at a good price without going through the many steps it takes typically to buy a house. It also presents a number of potential pitfalls, […]

How Much Does It Cost To Move House?

Moving house can be ridiculously expensive, with large amounts of money made payable to different companies and individuals for different things. Before you make the decision to move from one house to another, figuring out what you’ll have to pay and to who is one […]

How To Consolidate Credit Card Debts

When you replace several credit card debts with one larger loan, it is called debt consolidation. One way to consolidate your credit card debt is to transfer the balances of all of your existing credit cards to one new one. Some credit card providers offer […]

A Guide To House Repossession

According to the UK government, there were approximately 500 home repossessions a month in 2018. Repossessions happen when a homeowner with a mortgage can no longer afford their repayments, and the lender takes back ownership of the property. They have a number of stages, each […]

A Guide To Buying A Second Home

Ah, the dream – purchasing a second home. You’ve worked hard, and you’ve got the dough to do what so many dream of their entire lives. If you’re considering buying a second home, then you ought to consider a number of different things beforehand, because […]

A Guide To Building Your Own Home

More and more people want to build their own homes, approximately 10% in 2017 according to government figures. They’re attracted by the idea of getting to live in a house they’ve designed in a location that suits them. The price, which can be much more […]

Which Debts Should You Pay Off First?

Debt happens to the best of us but if you find yourself with several different types of debt then working out what to pay off first can be particularly daunting. Getting rid of your debts through repaying your lenders is hard work and takes a […]

Where Can I Go For Free Debt Advice?

Finding yourself in financial difficulty can be tough, particularly if you’re unsure where to look for help. In almost all cases of debt, the problem itself can be solved. It may take longer for some people, but there is always a way of ensuring that […]

What To Do If You Fall Behind With Mortgage Payments

Struggling to make your mortgage payments can be overwhelming, and knowing what to do next or where to turn to isn’t always easy. Many people in this situation choose to ignore the problem in the hope that it will go away on its own, but […]

A Guide to Sequestration – Scottish Bankruptcy

Finding yourself in a range of financial difficulties is tough, but the last thing you want is complicated jargon thrown in your direction when you’re trying to come up with a solution to your issue. If you’re Scottish and having trouble repaying large debts then […]

Ways To Consolidate Your Unmanageable Debts

As of September 2018, the average level of debt in the UK was £58,540 per person, approximately 114% of average earnings. It’s probably no wonder, then, that a recent report by the National Audit Office found 8.3 million people were unable to pay their debts […]

Minimal Asset Process Explained

Having financial issues and rising debts is difficult for anyone- but especially so for people who are of lower financial means. Keeping on top of things when money is tight is particularly difficult, and the temptation to take out credit to cover basic costs can […]

How To Get Help With Payday Loan Debt

Payday loans are short-term loans generally used by people in need of money before their next payday (hence the name), though longer-term loans are also available. Also known as cash advance loans, they have high interest rates and steep penalties, e.g. for late payments. As […]

How To Get Help With Credit Card Debt

The average person in the UK has credit card debts of £7,912, with an average credit card interest rate of 18.3%. If this is you, and you only make minimum payments, it will take 26 years and seven months to pay off your debts. Which […]

How To Consolidate Catalogue Debts

Catalogues allow you to buy everything from household items to electrical goods to clothing and pay from them monthly by opening a credit account. In a way, it is similar to a credit card as the credit is unsecured and you are charged interest on […]

A Guide to Debt Arrangement Schemes

Financial trouble is a particularly difficult situation to find yourself in and getting out of it can be an endless process unless you approach your debt from the right viewpoint. There are so many different options out there if you find your finances spiralling out […]

Are There Legal Ways You Can Write Off Your Debts?

When you’ve debts you can’t pay, you have a number of options. None simply write off your debts, but they do make them more manageable, meaning it’s easier to become debt free. Debt Management Plan (DMP) A Debt Management Plan (DMP) is an informal agreement […]

A Guide to Negative Equity

When you are in negative equity with your property, it can cause some issues if you want to move to a new house or remortgage. Being in negative equity is a difficult situation that is often difficult to fully understand. If you are in negative […]

What Is A Sale And Rent Back Scheme?

When you are in a situation where you are struggling to pay your mortgage but don’t want to move home, you could consider a sale and rent back scheme to stay in your home. The sale and rent back industry has received a huge amount […]

How To Successfully Buy A Holiday Home Abroad

Many people every year decide to buy their own holiday home abroad, and as well as being the perfect holiday destination for life, it can also be an excellent investment. With the UK being so well known for its rain and cold, it is no […]

How To Buy A House With No Deposit

For most people trying to take their first steps on the property ladder, getting the deposit together is the biggest challenge. Saving enough to put down just a 10% deposit can take years, making the idea of owning a home a distant dream for many. […]

Tips When Negotiating The Sale Of Your House

Selling a property is often going to be one of the most significant financial transactions you will make during your lifetime. When it comes to deciding on a final price with your buyer, it can be challenging to negotiate, and the outcome will have a […]

Selling A House In Probate – Explained

When you are left to sell the estate of someone who has died, it can be a complicated process. The process of selling a probate property has more complications than an ordinary property transaction, and it is not something that many people have to deal […]

How To Successfully Move Into A Retirement Home

Making the decision to move into a retirement home or senior living facility is not easy for anyone, but is often a sensible choice for securing a comfortable future. Once you have decided that retirement living is the best thing for yourself or a family […]

How To Successfully Downsize Your Home

At some point in your lifetime, the chances are you will have to downsize your home for one reason or another. Whether your children have all flown the nest and you no longer need such a big property, or you’re relocating to a more expensive […]

How To Sell Your House For The Best Price

The housing market is always changing and knowing when the best time is to put your house up for sale can be difficult. Selling your home is a big decision, and whether you are selling because you are relocating, moving to a bigger home, or […]

How To Reduce Your Spending And Get Out Of Debt

There are no debt problems that are not able to be solved. The solutions will not always be simple, and you might not get immediate results, but there is always a way. Prompt action will put you in a better position to repay your debts […]

How To Prepare Your House For The Arrival Of A New Baby

When you are expecting a new baby, it is a very exciting time of your life, but along with that excitement is also a lot of preparation. Whether it is your first bundle of joy or second or third, there is a lot to be […]

How To Buy Your Housing Association Property

Recent government schemes are giving housing association tenants the opportunity to purchase their home and make it their own. If you are living in a housing association property, then you might be able to purchase it under the Right to Acquire government scheme. Similar to […]

How To Buy Your Council House

Many individuals in the UK live in council housing and have done so for many years. In recent years it has become increasingly popular for families in council homes to buy their properties. Not only are they much cheaper to buy than other properties, but […]

How To Buy A House With Help From The Government

Buying a property is no easy task, it requires a large upfront deposit and a decent income in order to be approved for a mortgage. For most individuals, coming up with a 10% or even 5% deposit can be a real struggle and often is […]

A Guide To Emigrating And Living Abroad

Deciding to start a new life elsewhere in the world is an exciting yet daunting experience. If you’ve got your heart set on emigrating and living abroad, then it can be difficult to know where to start or what to do first. There is a […]

Should You Save Or Invest Your Money?

Mastering the financial markets can be difficult, and with many different options of what to do with your money, it can be hard to know what is the best for you. Especially when you consider the best returns or the level of risk you want […]

What Is A Debt Management Plan (DMP) And How Can It Help Me?

Debt Management Plans (DMPs) are informal agreements allowing you to pay off unsecured debts by making one, affordable, monthly payment. They do not reduce the size of your debt, which still needs to be paid off in full. Is A DMP The Same As Debt […]

What Is An IVA And How Can It Help Me?

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) allows you to pay off your creditors through monthly payments facilitated by an Insolvency Practitioner. In Scotland, it is known as a Deed of Trust. Unlike declaring bankruptcy, an IVA lets you keep more control of your money and continue […]

Debt Relief Orders Explained

A debt relief order (DRO) allows you to freeze your debt for a year, before writing it off entirely if there is no change in your personal circumstances. They are a good option for people on low incomes who owe less than £20,000 and don’t […]

How To Declare Yourself Bankrupt

If you aren’t able to pay off your debts, you can declare yourself bankrupt, a process whereby your debts are written off (allowing you a fresh financial start) as long as you abide by certain conditions. Applying For Bankruptcy Applying for bankruptcy costs £680 and […]

How To Deal With Debt As A Student

The stress caused by debts that you can no longer afford to pay, on top of exam pressure, coursework, dissertations and paying your monthly bills can turn student life into a living nightmare. If you’re finding it difficult to make the payments on credit cards […]

A Guide To Getting Out Of Debt

A debt of any size can cause stress, sleepless nights and strains in relationships. Furthermore, debt can damage credit scores which can impact your financial situation in the future. However, many of us rely on borrowing to make ends meet or to cover costly expenses […]

A Deed Of Trust Explained & How It Can Help You

A deed of trust, also known as a trust deed, is an arrangement that allows you to combine your debts into one monthly payment in order to more easily pay off your debts. They normally last for two to four years, are only available in […]

A Guide To Buying A Plot Of Land

Many people dream of buying a plot of land and building their perfect home, but buying land isn’t always straightforward and can come with complications. Purchasing land is often seen as a risky investment, but it allows you to build your ideal home or even […]

What To Consider When Buying A Home Abroad

Buying a home abroad is a dream that many Brits have, whether it’s a holiday home for a bit of sun throughout the year or the perfect retirement plan. Whatever your reason for wanting to purchase a property abroad, it is important to properly research […]

What Do Leasehold And Freehold Mean?

Knowing if your property is leasehold or freehold might seem like technical legal jargon, but actually, it is one of the most important things that you should know about your own home. It can be the difference between owning your home outright and having a […]

The Home Buying Process Explained

Buying a new home, especially if you are a first-time buyer can be very overwhelming. The home buying process is lengthy, and complications can occur. It is often the biggest purchase of your life, and all the decisions you make during the process of buying […]

Cash House Buyers Explained

During the property buying and selling process, you will probably come across the term cash buyers. More and more people in the UK are selling their homes to cash buyers but understanding what a cash house buyer is and how it differs to a regular […]

Buying Vs Renting – The Pros And Cons

Choosing whether to buy or rent a property can be a difficult decision, and it is a debate that has been ongoing for many years. Buying your own home is often the biggest financial decision you will ever make, so it is vital that you […]

A Guide To Using An Online Estate Agent

In recent years the property market has changed significantly, and the rise of online estate agents has played a major role in the way homes are now sold and purchased. For those who are accustomed to traditional estate agents, using an online only service can […]

A Guide To Using A Letting Agent

If you are thinking about renting out your home or a second property, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. Letting a property can seem like an easy way to make a bit of money, but there is often a lot more to it […]

A Guide To Estate Agents When Buying And Selling

Buying and selling property is not something that most people do on a regular basis, many people will only buy or sell a property a handful of times in their life. Estate agents are there to make the process easier and handle a lot of […]

A Checklist For Moving Home

Moving into your new home should be an exciting time in your life, but when you are organising final bills, exchanging contracts and frantically packing up boxes it can become very stressful. Forward planning and careful organisation can minimise some of the stresses of moving […]

How To Cut Down On Car And Travel Costs

Being a motorist is expensive, particularly if you’re a car owner and have a regular commute to and from work. When getting rid of your car entirely isn’t an option, looking at ways to cut down your transport costs is the next best step. Luckily, […]

Ways You Can Teach Your Children The Value Of Money

Money makes the world go round, which means it’s never too early to start teaching your children how to manage it wisely. In fact, according to Parents magazine, two or three years old is an ideal time to start because your kids love to play […]

7 Simple Ways You Can Decrease Your Monthly Outgoings

Despite the government saying austerity is over, many are still feeling the pinch financially. While we’d all probably like to earn a bit more money to help ease the financial squeeze, for most, this isn’t an option. Reducing your monthly outgoings is, however, meaning you […]

How To Save Up For A House Deposit

According to UK Finance, last year the average mortgage for first-time buyers was £145,000, and the average deposit was 15.6%. This equates to a deposit of around £22,000, a pretty daunting figure and one that could put you off if you don’t have any money […]

How To Save Money On Household Bills

Household bills make up one of the most significant cumulative costs homeowners and renters have to pay each month and finding ways to reduce the monthly costs is a question that’s raised on a regular basis. While it’s easy to say that the best way […]

How To Save Money On Gas And Electric Bills

Energy bills are very expensive, especially during the winter months. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many tricks that you can follow to cut your utility bills and save money on gas and electricity. According to Ofgem, the average household could […]

How To Save For Your Wedding

The average wedding now costs over £20,000, but you don’t need to spend a small fortune to have the day of your dreams. Planning your wedding will be much easier if you start saving early. Here are some steps to help you save for your […]

How To Save For Christmas Holidays

With Christmas just around the corner, your mind is no doubt turning to how to pay for what is probably the most expensive season of the year. According to the Bank of England, we spend £500 more in December than we do any other month […]

How To Save For A Holiday

There’s nothing more exciting than planning and booking a holiday. Whether you’re a home bird who loves exploring the wonders that the UK holds, a jet-setter with sun, sea and sand in mind or someone who likes a thrilling city break, knowing that you’re in […]

A Guide To Successful Saving

According to a survey carried out earlier this year by Skipton Building Society, a quarter of adults in the UK have no savings at all; this includes one in ten people over 55, who have set nothing aside for retirement. Over a third of those […]

Section 75: What You Need To Know About The Consumer Credit Act

Have you ever purchased a product and discovered it’s faulty? Or booked a holiday only for the hotel to go bust? If you used a credit card to pay for these transactions, then you have the right to a refund even if the retailer declines, […]

What To Do If You Can’t Pay Back Your Loan

While loans are there to help you through difficult times, keeping on top of payments is especially important to keeping your credit rating secure and ensuring your financial situation stays in tip-top shape. Finding yourself in a difficult financial situation can be incredibly difficult, especially […]

What Is A Credit Union And How Can I Borrow From Them?

Credit unions are community-based financial institutions that are owned and controlled by their members. Traditionally, they were set up by groups with a common bond, e.g. workers, trade unions or people who all lived in the same area, but this changed in 2012 and now […]

What Is A Continuous Payment Authority?

Recurring payments – continuous payment authorities – are regular outgoings that leave your financial accounts in the same way that a direct debit would work. While they look like direct debits, they definitely aren’t. Continuous payment authorities (CPA) allow companies and external money providers to […]

What Happens When You Are Made Bankrupt?

Declaring bankruptcy is a way for you to become debt free when you can’t pay your creditors. It’s a big decision, one that can have long-term effects on your daily life and may not be right for everyone. What You Need To Know About Declaring […]

What Does A Mortgage Broker Do?

Mortgage brokers are financial advisors that specialise – as their name suggests – in mortgages. They work with individuals looking for mortgages, carrying out affordability assessments, explaining the application process, and recommending the best deals based on a borrower’s personal circumstances. Different Types Of Mortgage […]

What Do APR And APRC Mean?

If you’re thinking of taking out a loan, mortgage or applying for a credit card, you’ll probably encounter the terms APR and APRC. Both relate to the interest you will end up paying, and it’s essential you understand what they mean, why they are used […]

What Are Doorstep And Home Credit Loans?

Doorstep and home credit loans are one in the same thing, a way of lending money without having to apply to a bank, building society or credit union for a loan. Instead, loans are provided by home credit lenders who visit you at home to […]

Mortgage Market Review (MMR) Explained

After the 2008 credit crunch and the financial crash that followed, the UK government carried out a thorough review of the mortgage market, implementing changes that came into force in 2014. These changes were the result of the conclusion drawn by the government that mortgages […]

Loans For Older People – What Are Your Options?

With the life expectancy of people in the UK increasing on a yearly basis, more and more older people are searching for money to help see them through retirement and beyond. Unfortunately, getting a loan as an older person is difficult to do from standard […]

Loan Sharks – What Are They And How To Avoid Them?

Finding the money to deal with unexpected costs in a time where peoples’ financial situations are at their worst is tough. Often, people will undertake desperate measures to make sure that they don’t go without. More and more people are opening themselves up to the […]

How To Deal With Creditors

If you’ve fallen behind with your payments, you can directly arrange repayments with creditors. Firstly, you will need to work out an achievable and realistic personal budget. Then you will have an idea of the amount you can pay towards your debts, after paying your […]

7 Ways To Fix A Low Credit Score

If you’re planning on applying for a loan, mortgage, or credit card, your credit score will have an impact. It will determine whether you are approved and the interest rate you’ll have to pay. The lower your score, the less likely a lender is to […]

Free Credit Report? Top 3 Places to Get Your Free Credit Score

Whether you are planning on applying for credit or just like to keep track of your finances and credit score, getting a free credit report is often a good idea. There are hundreds of websites out there offering credit reports and other services and knowing […]

Invoice Factoring Explained

It is not uncommon for small to medium businesses to experience cash flow problems, especially when they have a number of outstanding invoices waiting to be paid. Large enterprises are notorious for making late payments to smaller companies, and for entrepreneurs and new businesses, it […]

How To Get A Loan After Being Refused Credit

Being turned down for credit can leave you wondering where to turn to next. If you are in a situation where you need to borrow some money, getting refused credit can be very frustrating, and leave you feeling as though you are out of options. […]

What Negatively Affects Your Credit Rating?

Your credit rating is a number that lenders will use to decide how risky you are to lend money to. Whenever you apply for a credit card, loan or another type of finance agreement, the lending company will run a credit check on you before […]

8 Easy Ways To Improve Your Credit Rating

Credit ratings are often misunderstood and a mystery to most individuals, and when you have a bad credit rating it can be both stressful and costly. Having a healthy credit score can open up a range of financial options when you do need to obtain […]

How To Borrow Money Without A Credit Check?

If you have a poor credit rating and are unable to resolve it quickly, it can feel like you have no options when it comes to borrowing money. It is possible to get some forms of finance without the lender having to run a full […]

Peer To Peer Loans Explained

Getting on top of your finances in an economy such as ours can prove to be a difficult thing and the number of people requiring alternative methods of funding has increased exponentially. Borrowing money in a wide range of different ways has never been easier […]

What Is The Consumer Credit Act?

Every time a new loan, credit card or finance product is arranged, it is covered by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The Consumer Credit Act was explicitly designed to give consumers some protection when they take out financial products such as loan agreements and credit […]

How to earn while you learn as a student

Being a student is hard work – lectures all day, parties all night – and more often than not a student loan is not enough to cover the costs of a student life. Bills, rent, tuition fees, food, course books, booze and kebabs – it […]

3 Students Money Saving Must Haves

No self-respecting, money-saving student would be without this little lot! 1. NUS and other discount cards Your NUS card, issued by your University, is designed to make your student money go further by entitling you to a world of discounts – including up to 20% […]

How to Survive on a Student Budget

Whilst many would have you believe that students survive happily on a nutritious diet of beans on toast and £1 pints of cider from the Student Union and entertain themselves with ‘free’ pursuits such as watching daytime television and stealing traffic cones, chances are you’ll […]

How to Apply For Student Funding

Where do I start? If you’re a new full-time student, the financial help you get depends on a lot of things, such as what course you’re on, where you live while you’re at university, and your individual circumstances. There’s lots of funding out there, it’s […]

Student Cash Point

Welcome to Student Cash Point here at Lending Expert. We’ve added more features and a new advanced search facility to open up even more FREE student funding opportunites throughout the UK. Our goal is to grow and expand our funding and sign posting services to […]

A Guide to Your Pension Scheme Options

Pensions can be a tricky thing to master, particularly where there are multiple options for customers to take advantage of. Your pension is essential, and most people rely on the money that they have invested in a pension to help them live comfortably through their […]

Motorbike Finance Guide

When you decide to purchase a new motorbike, the chances are you want to get your hands on your new wheels as quickly as possible. Before you can get your leathers on and hit the road on your new bike, you first need to decide […]

Refused a mortgage? Don’t worry we can help

If you have been declined a mortgage from your bank or mortgage lender then dont worry as we may still be able to help. Our experts help mortgage applicants who dont fit the ‘standard’ mainstream requirements and who may have been refused a mortgage or […]

A Guide to Income Drawdown Pensions

Pensions can be complicated things, particularly with the number of different options out there and the different schemes that you can use to take it out. Rather than uhmm-ing and ahh-ing over the number of options available, making an informed decision about which scheme is […]

What Are Your Equity Release Options In Retirement?

When it comes to retirement, it can be challenging to know all the options available to you. While you may have some kind of pension set up, it can be a struggle to have enough cash to enjoy your retirement how you want to. There […]

A Guide to Pre-paid Cards – All You Need to Know

In recent years the way we make payments has been revolutionised with more and more people choosing to pay by card rather than with cash than ever before. New technologies such as contactless payments provide a hassle free and super quick way to spend in […]

A Guide to Employers Pensions & How They Work

Inevitably, as time passes, we get older. Getting older comes with the added benefit of retirement and hanging up your work shoes for the last time. Unfortunately, retirement also brings about the end of wages and stability- unless, of course, you have a plan in […]

Home Reversion Explained [The Expert’s Guide]

Are you looking for a way to release equity? One of the most popular equity release schemes, alongside lifetime mortgages, is a home reversion. So what home reversion and is it right for you? What Is Home Reversion? A home reversion scheme is one of […]

How To Get A Mortgage With Bad Credit [The Expert’s Go-to Guide]

Buying a house is probably the single more terrifying (yet exciting) thing you will do in your lifetime, and ensuring that you make the most sensible purchase, with the best possible mortgage to support your purchase is essential. Your mortgage will constitute the most significant […]

Second Charge Loans With No Early Repayment Charges [No ERC’s]

looking to secure a Fixed Rate on their new mortgage but don’t want to get stung by the Early Repayment Charge? Our diverse panel can offer Fixed Rate second charge mortgage products ERC Free. With potential uncertainty and looming Brexit – You can have the […]

Secured loan For Unencumbered Property [Second Charge Mortgage]

If you have a property that has no mortgage and you wish to take out extra borrowing against the property then we can help. A secured loan for an unencumbered property is an ideal solution when a mortgage from a mainstream lender is unavailable due […]

Buy to Let Mortgages With No Rental Income Stress Test Required

We are currently offering 1st & 2nd charge Buy to Let mortgages and secured loans with no rental income stress testing required from the mortgage lender. This buy-to-let mortgage product is an alternative solution for landlords whereby the rental income does not stack up or […]

What Is An Annuity? [Explained & All You Need To Know]

When it comes to choosing how to manage your pension pot and retirement finances, there are many options to consider. One popular type of retirement income is an annuity, which provides a guaranteed income for either a fixed number of years or for the rest […]

100% LTV Second Charge Mortgages [Case Study]

The Problem Clients wanted to borrow a £30,000 loan to complete an extension on their end terrace property. They were 12 months into a 2 year fixed rate with the Halifax and their broker could not find a 100% LTV remortgage, the existing lender coincidentally […]

Car Hire Purchase Explained [Read All You Need To Know]

When you are in need of a new vehicle but don’t have the funds available to purchase it outright, it can be very stressful and frustrating, particularly if a car is essential for your day to day life. Luckily there is a range of options […]

Business Loan Second Charge Residential Mortgage [Case Study]

Product Details Loan Size: £50,000 Product: Variable Rate: 7.99% From Secured Loan Calculator LTV: 75% The Case: A directly authorised mortgage broker referred a client who was looking to raise £50,000 to purchase a BTL. Client’s only security was his residential home and to complicate […]

NEST Pensions Explained [The Experts Guide to Workplace Pensions]

Planning and saving for your pension can often feel like a pointless activity, especially when retirement feels like a world away. No matter what age you are, looking to the future and ensuring you have a decent pension lined up to support you in your […]

Big plans for your business? Discover mezzanine finance

In the world of business finance, there are straightforward funding options such as business loans, and then there are the more complex ones like mezzanine finance. But you don’t need to be a finance expert to understand the ins and outs. Put simply, mezzanine finance […]

A Guide to Credit Cards: [The Experts Go-to Guide]

It is no secret that everyone wants to save money where they can, enjoy luxuries for less and get a cheap deal every now and then. If you are savvy about money, you can make significant savings a lot more often than you might first […]

Asset Finance: Exploring Your Business Finance Options

There’s a wide range of asset finance products, and for some business owners it can be hard to see the wood for the trees when looking for the right one for your firm. Asset finance is all about assets, and there are different scenarios where […]

A Guide to First Time Buyer Mortgages: [Read All You Need to Know]

>> FREE Mortgage Brokerage For First Time Buyers According to a report by Yorkshire Building Society, 56% of adults believe owning their own home is essential to feeling successful in life. In addition, they found that 50% of young adults considered homeownership to be more […]

An Experts Guide to Choosing The Right Business Loan

If you’re thinking about getting a business loan, there are a lot of things you need to bear in mind. How much money are you looking to borrow? What are the funds for? Do you have any assets to secure the loan against? There are […]

5 Alternative Business Finance Options You Should Know

As a business owner you might have already asked your bank for a business loan. According to a report by the British Business Bank, 38% of business owners still go straight to their bank when they identify a need for external finance. But since the […]

How To Get A Mortgage When Self Employed

Owning your own house can provide you with security, long-term financial stability and the opportunity to really make your house a home for you and your family. A few years ago, saving for a mortgage was a challenge but not entirely out of reach for […]

How to Find Your Lost Pension Fund

Have you lost your pension and have lost track of your pension information? If so, dont worry as our pension tracing experts can quickly find your pension investments with our free pension tracing service. We’ll be able to quickly tell you what pension investments you […]

Equity Release Solutions For Under 55’s

If you are under 55 and are looking to release equity from your home then there are a range of practical solutions that will enable you to release the money you need from your property without having to go down the traditional equity release route. […]

Secured Loans Explained

If you have never had a secured loan then you may be wondering what they are all about. Here we’ll explain what a secured loan is and how they differ from other types of loans on offer. A secured second charge loan A secured loan […]

Secured Loans For Pensioners – Over 60’s, 65’s & 70’s

If you are a homeowner pensioner or over the age of 60 and require a secured loan from £3,000 plus then please speak to us as we can help. We are able to arrange loans based upon your pension (either state or private) income, self […]

Debt consolidation loan or debt management plan?

A debt consolidation loan is quite simple a new loan that you take out to pay off your existing debts. To consolidate all of your existing payment (credit cards, overdraft, loans etc) into one larger loan and only one repayment each month. Why and when […]

Unsecured vs Secured Loan?

If you have been researching different types of loans in the hope to find out which is more suitable for you then this may help. Listed below are some of the standard features associated with each type of loan. The features of a unsecured (personal […]