Trusted Advisor

If you’ve been introduced to a Lending Expert Trusted Advisor then this page explains more about the scheme in detail and how it benefits you.

When you complete our loan eligibility checker we carry out a brief online assessment of your loan requirements. We then use this information to provide you with the best options available such a comparison table of lenders that match your borrowing needs or alternatively you are introduced to one of our Trusted Advisor’s to progress your eligibility check and loan application further.

They will:

  • Search and compare the market to find you the best deal
  • Provide you with a detailed quote showing monthly repayments, interest changes and any fees. All quotes are free and without obligation
  • Prepare your loan application and help you gather all the necessary documentation
  • Submit your application to the lender and deal with them directly until the successful completion of your loan

Our Trusted Advisor’s have:

  • A positive and verified online reputation
  • Passed our quality and due diligence process.
  • All appropriate FCA authorisations and are fully regulated to assist you
  • A good financial standing and credit worthiness


Why do I need to use an advisor?

Often advisor’s or broker’s are used when a loan, mortgage or other financial service can not be simply done online and requires the help and advice of someone such as a advisor or broker. Advisor’s are specially trained and authorised to help you find the right loan or mortgage that helps you save time and money. Brokers will use their experience of the market and financial products to find you the best product where technology is unable to.


What are the benefits of using a Trusted Advisor from Lending Expert?

  • We carefully carry out due diligence on every advisor on our panel so that you can be assured that you are dealing with a reputable business
  • They are competent and fully qualified to offer advise and help you find the right loan or mortgage for your needs
  • Our Trusted Advisor’s charge no upfront fees and you may only be charged a fee upon the successful completion of your loan or financial product




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