Jonathan Halloway

Written by Jonathan Halloway

Product Updated October 11, 2019

Credit Cards For Bad Credit

If you have an adverse or bad credit history and need a credit card then we can help find you the best card to suit your needs. Below we have compared all the best UK credit card lenders for people who have a bad credit history or those looking to build or improve their credit score.

Find out which cards you will be accepted for today. This eligibility checker will only display the credit cards you’re mostly like to be approved for:

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Rating: 5 / 5 with 2 votes

Good comparison service

by Anna Tyne

TotallyMoney provide a massive range of credit cards. A good service.

Very indepth search

by Mrs S Hilton

Found a whole range of credit cards using this service. Saves you time and hassle and only shows cards that are suitable given your credit rating.

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