Buy to Let Mortgage on Unencumbered Property with Historic Adverse Credit [Case Study]

Written by Simon Nicholson on May 23, 2018

Updated June 14, 2022

Buy to let loans no stress test

The Case

A directly authorised mortgage broker referred a client who was looking to raise £80,000 on a unencumbered BTL property purchased with cash just six weeks previously. The customer also had historic adverse credit including numerous defaults and CCJ’s. The mortgage broker was struggling to place this case with any status lender and sought our help with our specialist BTL lender panel. The client had defaults ranging from 2012 to just over one year ago and three unsatisfied CCJ’s.

The solution

Our BTL specialist adviser looked at a lender who disregarded the defaults over 12 months old and accepted the CCJ’s which were under £10,000. The lender also was happy to approve the client even with a newly purchased property up to 75% LTV as they have no minimum 6 months ownership rule.

The Outcome

Our lender offered terms to the client at 5.98% at an LTV of 68% and the case completed within in a few working days.

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£10,000 - £1,000,000

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3 - 35 years

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& Buy to Let

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Max LTV 100%

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