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We’re finance experts. This means we know our stuff when it comes to helping our customers find the right personal loan for them. We know where the best deals are and have access to exclusive deals just for Lending Expert customers.

Huge Market Comparison

As a comparison website and credit broker we’re not tied to one credit card provider. This means we can search the wider market to find you the best personal loan deals from across the UK.

Authorised & Regulated

Lending Expert is an FCA regulated credit broker which means if you decide to proceed with loan you can be assured you are dealing with a legitimate and reputable finance company.

Saving You Money

We will search the market to find you the best loan deals. Our comparison service will save you time and money and ensure you're getting the right type of consolidation loan available.

Using a debt consolidation loan can help you consolidate all your outstanding debts into one single, more convenient personal loan, giving you one single monthly repayment to make and helping you pay off your debts in a more practical and cost effective way.

Apply for Loans of £10,000 and £25,000 with Lending Expert Today!

If you want to borrow £10K or £25K, Lending Expert is here to provide you with a list of simple, affordable and effective options.

We work with some of the UK’s best loan providers, so that you can have a full market comparison of rates and terms and find the right option for you, with the choice to spread repayment over 1 to 35 years.

Lending Expert is proud to offer a range of options, for tenants and homeowners, good and bad credit and borrowing options across unsecured, secured and guarantor too. Our service is completely free to use and always will be – and applying will not impact your credit score in any way.


What is the Best Way to Borrow £10,000 Online?

We are proud to offer a fully online process to borrow £10,000 or £25,000. Use our comparison table provided to compare loan amounts, rates and terms and once you are ready simply click on ‘Check My Eligibility’ – where you can apply and get a provisional decision in minutes, free of charge!

Your loan application will be subject to further checks and we may require a little more information if you are applying for a secured product.

But with a same day decision, your loan can often be approved and funded within a matter of days.


Key Features

  • Borrow £10K to £25K plus
  • Repay over 1 to 35 years
  • Secured and unsecured options available
  • Tenant and homeowner options available
  • Good, fair and bad credit considered
  • Free to apply
  • Same day decision
  • Funds available in a matter of days


What Types of £10,000 and £25,000 Loans Are Available?


Personal Loans – This is a loan used for any personal reasons or everyday purposes including paying bills, consolidating debts, school fees, weddings, emergencies and house repairs. This type of loan is unsecured and often available to those with fair or good credit scores.


Unsecured Loans – When a loan is unsecured, your eligibility is based on factors such as your income, employment and credit status – and you are not using any form of security or collateral to be eligible. This is typically available to those with good incomes and credit scores, but the rates can be very low and competitive.


Secured Loans – This is where your loan is secured against something valuable you own, such as a vehicle or property (either owning it outright or partly). This can be useful for borrowing very large sums, since it is a percentage of your car or home and is ideal for home improvements, debt consolidation and other large expenses.


Logbook Loans – If you own a car, bike or van, you can use this as collateral to borrow money from a logbook lender. Usually receiving around 50% or more of the vehicle’s value, this can help you borrow £10,000 or £25,000 if you need it.


Equity Release – If you own a property and are over 55, you could be eligible for equity release. This is where you release equity that is stored in your property or home. You can receive a large cash lump sum, tax-free for every day spending or gifting to your children. Plus, you can remain in the property until you die or go into long-term care.


What is the Criteria for a £10,000 Loan?


  • Must be over 18 
  • Must be a UK resident 
  • Must be employed with a stable, regular income
  • Must be able to afford repayments
  • Must have a valid UK bank account 
  • Must have valid contact details, including an email address and a telephone number
  • Must own a property (in full or in part) for a secured loan


How Can I Borrow £10,000 with Low Rates?

£10,000 loans with low rates are usually available to individuals with very good credit scores and stable incomes.

If you are looking at a secured loan option, having a valuable property and also a good credit score, employment and low debt should help you get a low rate.

Our lenders will run a series of checks to confirm your eligibility for a loan and the rates you should be charged. Affordability is very important, since someone with lots of mounting debt will probably be charged a slightly higher rate to mitigate the potential risks.


What Can a £10,000 Loan Be Used For?


  • Business or self-employment funding
  • Car purchases
  • Care for the elderly
  • Debt consolidation
  • Emergency expenses
  • Funerals costs and expenses
  • Gifting to loved ones
  • Helping children to get on the ladder
  • Holidays
  • Home improvements
  • Large purchases
  • Legal fees
  • School fees
  • Tax bills
  • Weddings


Can I Borrow £10,000 with a Bad Credit History?

Yes, there are plenty of options available if you are looking to borrow £10,000 or £25,000 with bad credit, CCJs, IVAs, defaults or arrears.

It may be a little tricky to get approval for an unsecured or personal loan with a poor credit score. But this is where a secured loan might be a good fit. If you have a valuable property or vehicle that you own, in part or full, you can use this as collateral to borrow money. 

However, it is noted that your collateral is at risk and if you are unable to keep up with repayments, your property might be repossessed or the lender will claim a stake in it.


Why Should I Use Lending Expert to Borrow £10,000 or £25,000

Lending Expert has been trading since 2013 and has partnered with some of the most well-known lenders across the country. Our passion is helping to find the right product for the right customer, taking their loan requirements and financial history into consideration.

Our complete price comparison table allows you to get a true overview of the market and compare the best options that are available to borrow £10,000 to £25,000. With no obligation and no fees for applying, you can select the best lender according to your personal requirements.

We only work with direct lenders, so you have peace of mind that your data and information is safe and you will be dealing directly with the lender of your choice and no other third parties.


How to Apply for a £10,000 or £25,000 Loan Today

Simply compare the different lenders using our table and click on ‘Check My Eligibility’ with the lender of your choice. 

You will be taken directly to our online application form which can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

We can provide you with an instant decision on the screen and subject to further checks, your loan can be successfully funded within 24 to 48 hours (unsecured, personal) or within 2 to 4 weeks (secured loans). 

Lending Expert is here to help you for all financial needs. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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