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Written by Sarah Jones (Student Money Expert) on November 10, 2018

Updated March 9, 2022

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Welcome to Student Cash Point here at Lending Expert. We’ve added more features and a new advanced search facility to open up even more FREE student funding opportunites throughout the UK. Our goal is to grow and expand our funding and sign posting services to help as many students as possible across the whole of the UK.

Did you know we can help you access millions of pounds worth of funding that is up for grabs each year from the government, charitable trusts and universities. This free money is to help students cover course costs, rent, and all the other little living expenses while in study.

Funding Search

Our free to use and UK wide funding search facility is currently being updated with new and improved features and is currently not available. In the meantime please feel free to enjoy the guides or contact us using the details below.

Get in touch

Please note that the Student Cash Point service is currenly unavailable. 

How can Student Cash Point help me?

Compare secured loans

Student Cash Point is designed to advise and assist students like you in the process of finding funding opportunities to cover the costs of going to college or university. Student Cash Point offers a signposting service. A service which helps you to find funding opportunities available to cover the costs of your studies – from your course and accommodation to childcare, equipment and travel expenses we have you covered.

Our goal

Our goal is to be the most comprehensive student funding news portal with information on grants, loans, bursaries, scholarships and awards. Student Cash Point is helping students in the UK to access millions of pounds worth of free money every year.

Please take a minute to try our online tools, and read through our recommendations. If you have any questions please get in touch with one of our student finance experts.

Please note the Student Cash Point pages are being updated as of November 2018 with lots of new and updated information.

Student money – what are your options?

Secured debt consolidation loans

We know your time at university can be expensive and it is important you take full advantage of the funding opportunities, grants and bursaries available to you here at Student Cash Point. To help you save money along the way we’ve searched the market to find the best personal finance offers that are especially designed with the money saving concious student in mind. Take a look and see what offers are available to you.

Best Student Bank Account Offers

To find out which bank accounts have the best facilities, deals and rates for students then see our experts top choice student bank accounts and student savings account. Here we rate and compare dozens of bank accounts side by side.

Best Student Credit Card Offers

When used correctly credit cards can be a free and inexpensive form of short term credit. Our top choice student credit cards offer students up to 45 days interest free credit. Many providers also offer rewards like cash back on purchases, cinema offers and special offers on gigs and concerts around the UK. If you need help with spending and budgeting, or perhaps you need a guaranteed bank account our top choice prepaid cards for students may be more suitable for your needs.

Best Student Personal Loan Offers

We can compare hundreds of personal loans and rates from across the whole of the UK market place to bring our student visitors the lowest rates on the market. Use our loan comparison facility to see which lenders offer the lowest interest rates. Check our free to use loan calculator to get an idea of how much the loan may cost, interest charges payable and the monthly repayment amounts.

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