How To Use A Credit Card To Collect Air Miles

Written by Jonathan Halloway on February 27, 2019

Updated February 27, 2019


One of the best perks of using most credit card services is the opportunity to enjoy benefits that come with it. These rewards are varied, but enjoying cheaper or free flights is often at the top of the list. You can really cut the cost of flying around the world just for using specifically approved credit cards. As you spend on your credit card, you receive points or air miles you can collect to slash your flight cost.

How it works

Once you’ve received your air miles credit card, you must use it to earn the miles you want from daily expenses. After enough air miles have been collected go ahead and convert them into flights. Do note that charges and taxes must be paid, even in this instance.

If you already earn points or air miles for flying you can combine them with air miles earned from spending and stash up the miles to fly quickly. Always do prior research to know whether credit card providers allow combining the rewards and converting them into what you want.

Select a scheme that works

Cards thats collect air miles

Pay a little attention to the different schemes available to choose the best for you. Most of them will be promoted with remarkable offers, including seat upgrades and companion tickets. However, if you’re unable to use the points or air miles, they’re useless to you.

Choose airlines that have flights you can actually use from the closest airport where you live and has flights to destinations you’d like to fly to. There could be other airlines connected to the scheme you’re interested in. For example, if you would like to fly to America, choose a scheme that has partnered with American airlines such as Delta.

Use the credit card more

Aim at collecting as many air miles as you can. The rewards are only gained by spending more on the credit card. To gain as much as possible, use the credit card in your different spending activities, such as work-related expenses, during your daily routine or weekly home spending or even in your daily commute.

Take it a notch higher and shop for credit card providers who allow additional cards for other individuals in your life like a spouse or family member. It’ll help you gain more air miles you could redeem fast. However, make sure the additional cards are to individuals you trust since you’ll be the one to repay the debt.

Pay off in time

Air miles rewards schemes are very different from loyalty rewards cards. They come at a cost and designed in a way that encourages users to spend more on their credit card in the process earning the card provider more money.

As a result, you’re required to pay the amount off every month. Failure to pay up will see the air miles value meaningless in contrast with the interest you get on funds you couldn’t pay at the end of the month.

You should never miss any payment due to the penalties that come with it. You could create direct debits for the entire amount every month. That way, you will never miss any repayment and avoid huge interest rates. You can also choose a credit card provider who allows you the option to use the points to waive interest if you carry forward any unpaid balance.

Higher spenders

If you’re a higher spend, credit cards that earn you air miles are perfect. They come with huge perks such as introduction bonuses and companion tickets. For using a specific high amount every year, such as £10,000 on a credit card, you could be provided with an extra companion ticket.

Top credit cards for big spenders are superb for those intending to use the gained air miles or points through them. If you want something different like redeeming something else from the card you can look into cashback credit cards instead.

Withdrawing cash could be costly

Note that credit cards with air miles as rewards are to be used as you would debit cards and to be repaid in full every month or as agreed. However, avoid withdrawing cash on these credit cards. Using them that way attracts significant interest and fee whether you pay off the amount entirely or not.

Need to borrow funds as well? Think about something else like seeking credit cards with long term low interest rates to save money.

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