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Secured loans are popular for those who wish to borrow larger amounts secured against their home and are often referred to as homeowner loans or second charge loans. Repayments can be made over the long term and up to 30 years with many lenders. Secured loans are also most popular for financing home improvements and debt consolidation purposes.


Is a Secured Loan Right for Me?

A secured loan can be an effective way to borrow large sums of money, whilst secured against your home, flat or property that you own.

You will be using your home as a form of security and by leveraging its value, this will help you borrow large amounts and for longer – for purposes such as home improvements, a wedding or to consolidate your debts.

Depending on the value of your home, you could borrow over £1 million and repay over 1 to 30 years. However in the event that you cannot keep up with repayments, the bank or lender can repossess your home to recover the money they have lent to you (source: feasible.co.uk).


Why Compare Secured Loans with Lending Expert?

Lending Expert is a specialist secured loans broker, working with the whole of the market to help you compare the best rates, loan amounts and repayment options from all the secured lenders in the UK, Scotland and Wales (including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Reading and more).

With rates starting from around 6-7% APRC, the interest rates and loan terms can vary between lenders and when you are taking out a large loan and secured against your home, you want to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible.

As a price comparison site and secured loan broker, we do not take any fees for applying and checking your eligibility with our trusted brokers will not impact your credit score. We are proud to offer a clear, transparent and effective way for borrowers to compare secured loans.



How Do You Get the Best Secured Loans Rates?

  • Loan-to-value ratio – the more equity you have in your property, the more you should be able to borrow.
  • Your financial position – with a stable income, employment and good credit history, this should allow you to access cheap secured loan rates and maximise the amount you can borrow.
  • Value of your property – if you have a valuable property, this could help you access a large sum and competitive rates
  • Debt-to-income ratio – if you are not overloaded with other financial obligations in terms of credit cards and loans, this will help you get lower rates
  • Beware the advertised APRC – this is only available to 51% of successful customers and your rates may vary depending on factors mentioned above


Product Features

  • Borrow £5,000 to £1 million plus (Secured loans)
  • Loan terms: 1 to 35 years
  • Up to 125% LTV available (subject to status)
  • Secured against a property or home
  • Subject to property valuations
  • Funding available in matter of weeks
  • Online application
  • Arrangement fees may apply
  • All credit histories considered


What Are Types of Secured Loans and What Are They Used For?


Homeowner loans – Most secured loans are taken out by homeowners who are looking to raise money against their property or home. This is usually known as a ‘second charge,’ since it is the second priority against your property after your first charge, which is your mortgage. This can be used to pay off bills, for gifting money to your relatives, debt consolidation or home improvements.


Secured Debt consolidation loans – This allows you to take all your existing financial obligations (such as credit cards, loans, student debt) and put them into one single, more convenient monthly repayment schedule, repaid over 1 to 35 years.


Bridging loans – This is used by homeowners to bridge the gap between the purchase on one property and the next. Perhaps you cannot sell your property, but are keen to purchase another.

This type of loan allows you to receive the money upfront so you can buy the desired property and then you can repay the loan in full once the original property has been sold.

It is also commonly used by property developers to purchase properties at auction or under tight deadlines whilst avoiding property chains and long mortgage applications.


Second charge loans – This is where you borrow money against your home and it is the second charge from your bank account, after your mortgage takes the first charge or first priority of payment. The amount you can borrow from a second charge loan is a little less than your main mortgage, since the lender is now second in line when it comes to payments. However, you can still borrow quite a substantial amount – £1,000 to £1 million depending on the value of your property. This can be used for consolidating debts, home improvements, business purposes, holidays or school fees.


Equity release – Equity release allows you to unlock money that is currently tied up in your home. Targeted at the over 55 market, it refers to the ‘releasing of equity’ after you have been paying your mortgage for years and years and now own all or most of your property. You can use equity release to get a large sum of money upfront, which is tax-free and to continue living in your house.

You can typically choose to release anywhere between 20% to 90% of the value of your home, deciding to remain owner of the property (lifetime mortgage) or give up equity in the property (home reversion) until the lender recovers it when you die or go into long term care.



What LTV is Available for Secured Loans?

Our lenders offer:

  • 50% LTV
  • 60% LTV
  • 70% LTV
  • 80% LTV
  • 90% LTV
  • 95% LTV
  • Up to 125% LTV (subject to status)


Which Secured Loan Lenders in the UK Do You Work With?



What To Consider When Applying for a Secured Loan

When you get a quote for a secured loan, start by thinking how much you need to borrow. A lot of UK customers use secured loans for debt consolidation, which is to pay off a number of existing debts such as credit cards and loans and putting them all into one single repayment format. In this case, it is worth calculating all debts and finding out how much interest you owe and for how long and applying for the right amount for you.

Consider the interest rate that you will be charged and the length of the loan – since the longer that you will need to borrow for, the more interest that will continue to add up year-on-year. So finding a low rate and just the right amount of time to borrow for, will help you get the best deal possible.

Be sure to take note of any additional loan or arrangement fees that can often come with a secured loan, including property valuations or solicitor fees, arrangement fees, broker fees or fees of early repayment. Being aware of these can help you save money during the loan application and funding process.



What Are The Risks Involved?

Since the loan is secured against your home, your property is at risk of repossession if you fail to keep up with repayments. When your loan is approved, you are receiving a large sum initially upfront and if you cannot repay it, they will have to take ownership of your home in order to recover their fees.

The lender will usually take a number of steps to help you repay your loan if you are facing difficulty and this may involve different repayment plans or arrangements. Repossession is usually the last resort.

With this in mind, it is important to understand the repayment terms and potential risks and Lending Expert is on hand to help you get the best rates and terms possible.


What Information Will I Need When I Apply for a Secured Loan?

  • Estimated value of your property
  • Estimated equity in your property
  • Value of any other outstanding debts that you owe
  • Decide how much you wish to borrow
  • Decide how long you need to borrow for
  • Monthly income
  • Email address and mobile phone number


Can I Apply for a Secured Loan with Bad Credit?

Yes, you can apply for a secured loan with a bad credit rating and this type of loan is popular for people with poor or adverse credit histories or previous CCJ’s.

When applying for unsecured loans, your loan approval is based on your income and credit rating. However, with secured loans, the value of your property and your equity in that property can largely determine the amount you can borrow and the success of your application.

So despite having a less than perfect credit score, if you have a valuable home, flat or property, you can still get the funds that you need – and the range of lenders working with Lending Expert are here to help and willing to take a view of all different credit histories.



How to Apply with Lending Expert and Get a Free Quote

Use our comparison table provided to compare rates and terms from over 18 secured lenders that we have partnered with.

Once you have selected the lender of your choice, click on ‘check my eligibility’ where you will be taken to our form and can enter a few basic details. Our secured loans broker team will review your information and come back to you with the best options tailored to your requirements.

At Lending Expert, we proudly charge zero fees for applying, with no impact to your credit score and you can guarantee that we will keep your information and not share this without your permission.


How long does it take to get a secured loan?

Loans can be completed within a matter of a few weeks assuming all the application and supporting documents are provided quickly. Perform an eligibility check here on Lending Expert to compare rates and get expert advice from an approved broker.

Do I need to be a homeowner?

Yes, as these types of loans are secured against your home in the same way a mortgage is. They are often referred to as a second charge loan or homeowner loans.

Do I need to pay any upfront fees?

No, there are no up front fees to pay. However, there is a loan broker fee and lender fees to pay upon completion of the loan. In most cases there is also a home survey/valuation fee to pay in addition to the broker and lender fee. These fees and the amount to pay will be explained to your prior to taking out an application.

Are these types of loans suitable for buy to let?

Yes, secured loans can be taken out on buy to let property.

What are the alternatives to secured loans?

There are many alternatives to secured loans if you do not want to risk using your property as collateral. There are unsecured loans if you prefer to borrow money without your house at risk - and your eligibility will be based on your income and credit score. In addition, you can consider a guarantor loan whereby you have an extra person you know to act as your guarantor and agree to cover your repayments if you cannot.

How much can I borrow?

The amount you can borrow will depend on factors such as home equity and affordability. A quick assessment from a secured loan broker will be able to establish how much you are able to borrow and how much the loan will cost.

Why not just remortgage?

A secured loan has many benefits over a remortgage and in many cases will be the best solution such as: If your credit rating has worsened since taking out your first mortgage, remortgaging could mean you end up paying more interest on your entire mortgage, rather than just on the extra amount you wish to borrow. If your existing mortgage has a high early repayment charge (ERC), it may be cheaper for you to take out a second charge mortgage rather than to remortgage.

Are secured loans available to self employed?

Yes. If you are self employed either as a sole trader or company director you can apply for a second charge loan. You must have a minimum of 6 months of trading and be able to provide proof of income.

Can I get a homeowner loan without proof of income?

No. You will be required to show proof of suitable income to demonstrate you can afford the loan repayments. SA302 and accountants projection accepted as proof of income for self employed applicants.

What purpose can a secured loan be used for?

Secured loans can be used for any legal purpose such as debt consolidation, home improvements, tax bills, business use or to purcase a new car for example.

What is the maximum secured loan to value (LTV)?

Loans can be arranged up to 100%, and 95% LTV loan to value with a small handful of lenders. The lower the LTV the more attractive the interest rates and fees are.

Can I appy with a bad credit history?

Our lenders do accept CCJs and Defaults (even in the last 12 months) If you have a bad credit history then there are a selection of second charge lenders who offer loans within this category. Your secured loan broker will be best to advise you on which lenders and products will be available and the interest rates chargable.

What is the maximum term for a second charge loan?

Second charge loans are like mortgages and loan terms can arranged up to 35 years for some lenders while others will have a maximum loan period of 25 years for example.

Are secured loans available on ex council houses?

Yes, our lenders will consider secured loans for:

  • ex-council houses, flats and maisonettes
  • high-rise properties (yes, even ones above 6 floors)
  • properties with poor valuations (when the property is in a less than perfect condition)
  • non-standard constructions (When the property you want is a little out of the ordinary)
  • normal brick-built houses, flats and maisonettes
  • properties where more than 40% will be owner occupied

Are there any early repayment charges (ERC's)?

Yes and no, not all products on offer here will come with ERC's. The broker will be best to advise on the individual lender products and which ones carry early repayment charges.

How much do secured loans cost?

Rates for secured loans start from 3.34% APRC, with the rates charged dependent on factors such as income, outstanding debt, credit score, value of your property and equity in your home. Additional fees may apply including broker, arrangement, valuation and solicitor fees - especially for borrowing large amounts.

Can I take out a secured debt consolidation loan?

Yes. Debt consolidation is a popular option with many customers who take out these types of loans. If you would like to learn more then request a quote from our approved brokers here on the website.

Are secured loans easier to get?

If you have bad credit then you may find that secured loans are easier to get when compare to an unsecured loan for example. This is because the lender has additional security in the form of your home or property.

Is a secured loan a good idea?

A secured loan may be a good idea if you are unable to get an unsecured loan as a lender may be more willing to borrow to you on a secured basis. It is important to check you are able to afford the repayments and the loan is affordable. To get an idea of the repayments and costs then contact a broker here on Lending Expert.

How much collateral is needed for a secured loan?

For a homeowner loan you will need a maximim of 5% equity as collateral for a small secured loan. The more collateral you are able to offer then the more preferable interest rates you will be offered. Perform an eligibility check here on Lending Expert to compare rates and get expert advice.

What credit score is needed for a secured loan?

Secured loans are available for a range of people with mixed credit scores. Loans are available for excellent and bad credit applicants, and products are available to suit most credit types. Perform an eligibility check here on Lending Expert to compare rates and get expert advice.

What is needed for a secured loan?

A secured loan is one that requires collateral such as property, assets, or cash. A few common types of secured loans include mortgages, homeowner loans, and car loans. If you don't pay back your secured loan, the lender could take repossession the property you put up to get the funding.

Do you get a better rate of interest with a secured loan?

Borrowers who use a secured or homeowner loan will also typically pay a lower rate of interest than with an unsecured personal loan. Lenders will see you as less of a risk because the loan is secured against your home or buy to let property if you are unable to repay it. Perform an eligibility check here on Lending Expert to check interest rates and get expert advice from a broker.

Can secured loans be written off?

If you're struggling with your loan repayments, speak to your lender as they may be able to help. Don't just stop paying, as your property could be put at risk of repossession. A lender is unlikely to write of any debts as the loan is secured against a property or your home.

Can I sell my house with a secured loan on it?

Yes it is possible to sell your house and the money from the sale to pay off your secured loan alongside your first charge mortgage. Your conveyancing solicitor will normally handle the repayment of your loan and deal with the lender as part of the sale process.

What are the benefits of a secured loan?

You can often borrow larger amounts because lenders are more confident that they will get their money back, either from loan repayments or sale of the property. Secured loans are often popular for larger loans over £10K with longer repayment terms up to 35 years. If you have adverse credit then secured loans typically come with a lower interest rate than unsecured loans

What is the max LTV (Loan to value)?

The max LTV or loan-to-value is 95% with a limited number of lenders. These higher LTV products are more expensive as they charge higher interest charges, and are limited to smaller value loans.

You can quickly apply online for a secured loan with Lending Expert's trusted secured loan brokers. Simply check your eligibility to get started.


Loans displayed have a minimum term of 12 months and a maximum term of 360 months. Rates From 7.10% - Maximum APRC charged 49.9%.

Overall Representative Example for Secured Loans

Borrowing: £25,000 over 120 months. Interest Rate: 10.2% variable for 120 months with instalments of £367.10. Fees: Broker fee (£1,995); Lender fee (£495). Total amount payable: £44,052 comprised of; loan amount (£25,000); interest (£19,052); Broker fee and Lender fee. Overall cost of comparison: 11.36% APRC variable

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