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70% Loan to value mortgages

To be eligible for a 70% LTV mortgage deal then you will be required to have a 30% deposit as a minimum requirement. You will be required to pay the deposit at the exchange of contracts and will be paid to your solicitor as part of the property transaction.

It’s also important to consider that you’ll incur other costs such as stamp duty, conveyancing fees and any other associated moving costs on top of the deposit contribution.

Why put down a 30% deposit?

70% Mortgages

There are some excellent rates and deals available for borrowers who have a 30% deposit. You’ll be rewarded with better and cheaper rates when compared with a borrower who has a 20% or even 10% deposit. The more you’re able to put down against your purchase the better mortgage deal you’ll get.

How can I find out what deals are available at 70% loan to value?

We search, find and compare all the mortgage lenders and products from the whole UK mortgage market place. A quick search here on this page will reveal the entire available 70% loan to value mortgages that are currently available. You can quickly compare the best deals and find out which mortgage lenders are offering the best and cheapest 70% rates.

I have a history of bad credit and have a poor credit score can I get a mortgage?

Bad Credit mortgages

There are a range of mortgage lenders who are willing to borrow to those with a poor credit history, have had CCJ’s or missed payments. We would advise that you speak with a mortgage broker here on the website that will be able to give you specific advice that matches your individual circumstances.

Where I get further advice?

If you need further mortgage advice or you have questions then speak with a mortgage expert here on the website. Their advice is free and they are happy to discuss your mortgage requirements and answer any questions you may have.

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