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Start Your 95% LTV Mortgage Application Today With Lending Expert!

A 95% loan to value (LTV) mortgage lets you secure a property with a deposit of only 5% making it a good option for those with little savings or for first-time buyers.

The mortgage guarantee scheme, involving 95% mortgages, was introduced recently as part of the UK’s economic recovery after the Coronavirus pandemic. On April 1st 2021, the government introduced a mortgage guarantee scheme, ‘guranteeing’ 95% mortgages. This means that buyers only need to put down 5% deposits.

As part of the scheme, the government also incentivised banks and financial institutions. The scheme essentially means that the government agrees to compensate a lender for a portion of the mortgage value if the homeowner is unable to meet payments. The scheme was designed to allow more buyers to enter the property ladder and to decrease the amount of risk for lenders.

If you are providing only a 5% deposit, your choice of available mortgages may be fairly low. However, working with a mortgage broker such as Lending Expert will ensure that you are getting the best deal on the market. Also, speaking to a mortgage broker before securing a mortgage will make sure that you are finding something in line with your requirements.

Lending Expert is a mortgage broker and can compare over 1,000 95% mortgage deals across the UK. Whilst high street banks will typically offer 95% mortgages too, we can help find the best option for you, with rates from 1.39% per month, whether you are looking for interest only, fixed, variable, tracker or have a bad credit history.

Start by clicking on ‘Check my Eligibility’ below and enter some basic details about you and your property, and Lending Expert will help you find the best 95% mortgage according to your requirements.


Key Features of a 95% LTV Mortgage

  • Rates from 1.39% per month.
  • Borrow up to £2 million.
  • Loan Term – 1 to 25 years or upon request.
  • Interest only, fixed, tracker mortgages available.
  • Free tool to compare no deposit mortgages.


Who Is Eligible for the 95% Mortgage Scheme?

You are eligible for a 95% mortgage if you are able to put down a deposit of 5% of the property value but there may be stricter lending criteria, hidden fees and higher interest rates.

Additional eligibility criteria can include:

  • First-time buyers and home movers across the UK.
  • Those buying a property to live in (no second homes or buy-to-let properties).
  • New-build and existing properties with a value of up to £600,000.
  • Good credit score.


How Do 95% Mortgages Work?

Getting a 95% mortgage means that you will borrow 95% of your property’s value from your lender and the other 5% you will give as a deposit.

You will also be able to get a 95% mortgage if you already have 5% equity in your property.

Usually, there are strict lending criteria associated with 95% mortgages as the lender is contributing the majority of the property’s value so there is more risk.

Use Lending Expert as your mortgage broker to find the best deal for your circumstances.


Which Banks Offer 95% Mortgage Rates?

There are major banks that offer 95% deals including Santander, Lloyds, NatWest & HSBC under the government scheme. As part of the scheme, these banks have to commit to a five-year fixed-rate mortgage in order to offer borrowers long-term stability.

Working with a mortgage broker such as Lending Expert will help you find the best mortgage to suit your circumstances, without impacting your credit rating.

Speak to an expert today by contacting Lending Expert and start comparing 95% LTV mortgages.


What Risks Are There With a 95% LTV Mortgage?

95% mortgages may seem like a sensible option for first-time buyers or those with very little savings. With only a 5% deposit required, this is very affordable for most borrowers and they are able to borrow the remainder of the property’s value. However, there is a catch.

What is not paid in the initial deposit will cost you in the long-term. That is to say, although the initial deposit is negligible, borrowers will be faced with higher-than-normal interest rates for the duration of their loan term, meaning that in the long-term their mortgage will be costing them much more.

There may also be stricter lending criteria or hidden fees such as arrangement fees.

Thus, it is always worth exploring whether you can afford to save for a higher initial deposit and save money in the long term.



What Type of Mortgage Can I Have With a 95% Mortgage?

Following the Covid pandemic, there are fewer 95% mortgages available on the market. However, working with a mortgage broker can help you explore the available options.


Do I Need Good Credit To Get a 95% Mortgage?

A low deposit is sometimes synonymous with little or no credit history, meaning that it might be difficult to secure a mortgage. However, Lending Expert can help you find out your options in the case that you have bad credit or a lower credit score.

Using Lending Expert as your mortgage broker will allow you to get the best deal for your financial circumstances, whether that be a 95% mortgage or otherwise!


Factors To Consider When Looking at 95% Mortgages

There are many different factors to consider before taking out a 95% mortgage and it is not always the case that the cheapest is the best.

  • Lowest Mortgage Rate – one of the most obvious things to look out for when trying to secure a 95% mortgage is the mortgage interest rate. The lower this is, the less you will spend overall in the long run.
  • Fees – always factor in any administration or transaction fees as these may use up a significant amount of your savings. When looking at the best deals, fees may mean that the cheapest LTV mortgage rate is not actually the best value.
  • Incentive Packages – many mortgage providers offer incentives such as a free legal fees or free valuations which could save a considerable amount of money. Some also offer cashback on completion which can be extremely helpful, especially for first-time buyers.
  • Affordability – before taking out a mortgage, you will need to prove both that you can afford the mortgage now and in the case of increased interest rates. For this, you will need to show evidence of your spending, income and any future costs.
  • Other Schemes – there may be other schemes on the market which may be more suited to your needs including Shared Ownership, Help To Buy or Guarantor Mortgages.


What Areas of the UK Do Lending Expert Cover for 95% Mortgages?

We proudly offer 95% mortgages across the entire UK, including Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Newcastle, Sheffield and more.


How Can Lending Expert Help Find You the Most Suitable 95% Mortgage?

Working with a number of high street banks and specialist mortgage lenders, Lending Expert has access to over 1,000 mortgage deals available. We’re in the perfect position to help you find the best rates and get approved.

Our eligibility checker is completely free to use and can provide an indicative quote, with no obligation.

Founded in 2013, we have years of experience working in the secured loan and mortgage market and have helped thousands of customers to date. Our values have always been to find the right product for the right individual at the competitive rate. We are pleased to offer our services for you today!

Compare mortgages and get the best deals today.

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