80% Mortgages

Use the mortgage comparison tools hear to find and compare the cheapest 80% loan to value deals on the market. We compare all the 80% LTV mortgages from the whole UK mortgage market. Use the filter tools to change the results to match what you need.

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80% loan to value mortgages

80% Mortgages

If you have a minimum of a 20% deposit then you can search and find all the mortgage products at 80% LTV (loan to value). It’s important to consider that on top of the 20% deposit requirement you’ll also need additional savings for moving costs such as stamp duty, conveyancing fees and moving transport costs.

What advantages are there to getting an 80% mortgage?

Having a 20% deposit means that you’ll have a wider choice of lenders to choose from at reasonable rates of interest. With the average house price at approximately £250,000 this means you may have saved in the region of £50,000 to cover your deposit costs alone.

You’ll obtain a lower rate mortgage when compared to other borrowers who have a 10 or 15% deposit and you’ll benefit from more choice in the market place.

What are the disadvantages?

The more you’re able to save towards a deposit then the lower rate deals you’ll be offered. If you could save further and get perhaps a 75% mortgage or even 70% mortgage deal then you’ll be able to make further savings and get a cheaper rate deal.

Can I get a mortgage with a bad credit history or low credit score?

Improve your credit score

If you have experienced difficulties in the past and have missed payments or even CCJ’s then we would recommend that you speak to a mortgage expert here on the website. They understand which lenders are willing to lend to those with an adverse or bad credit history and would be happy to help find you a suitable mortgage lender.

How can I discover what 80% mortgages are available?

Our mortgage comparison tools found right here on this page will help you to search and find all the 80% deals available. Simply use the search facility and you can quickly view and compare all the deals side by side to see which offer the best and cheapest rates.

Where can I speak to someone about a mortgage?

Our mortgage brokers are experts here on the website. They will be happy to discuss your mortgage requirements and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Their advice and recommendations are free and you’re under no obligation to proceed with a mortgage.

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