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Vehicle Finance Broker

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Good comparison

by Mandy Thomson

Good comparison service and lenders to choose from. Easy application form.

Plently of loans to choose from

by SL

These facility by Feasible.co.uk provided many solutions and gave me choice of several lenders as part of the search. Vey fast and no issues using them. Quick to phone me back also.

Car financing options for people with bad credit

If you need to buy a new car but don’t have enough savings to do so and you are also in a position where you have a bad credit rating you may be wondering if you are able to get a loan. If you have a bad credit score you will find that in the current economy that you will not be able to get a standard unsecured loan from a mainstream lender. However that does not mean that there are no options available.

The advantages

The advantage of bad credit loans is that they allow you to borrow money even if you have a bad credit score, which is something you wouldn’t be able to do if you had to borrow from a mainstream lender. The reason they can do this is because they actually assess your ability to repay your loan from your current financial information rather than going off your credit score, which is only indicative of your past financial situation. Assuming you are assessed as being able to make the repayments then you will be granted the loan. You should also be aware that if you take out a bad credit loan and make all of your repayments successfully that this will help you to repair your credit rating as the fact that it is a bad credit loan does not matter when it comes to credit ratings.

The disadvantages

Even though lenders who give loans to people with bad credit make an assessment of your current ability to make repayments, this doesn’t mean that they perceive the loan to be any less of a risk than a mainstream lender. Therefore you will find that one of the disadvantages of a bad credit loan is the interest rate you will have to pay on the loan. These loans reflect the risk the lenders are taking by having interest rates that are generally significantly higher than you would be able to get from a mainstream lender. You will also find that the upper limit on the amount you can borrow is also likely to be lower than if you had a good credit score. One final disadvantage is that bad credit loans are incredibly variable and so you should shop around to make sure that you get the best deal possible.

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