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Unsecured Personal Loans

Our loan experts have selected and displayed a range of the cheapest unsecured personal loans available. Below we have listed our recommended choice of personal loans on the market today for all credit types from excellent, fair and poor credit applicants. Loans shown available from £200 – £25,000.

This calculator will give you an idea of costs. The exact amount and APR payable will be provided from the lender subject to credit and affordability checks.

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Loan Amount
£1,000 - £250,000

Representative APR

Loan Term
3 - 30 years

Loan Type
Secured Loans & Personal Finance

Homeowners & Tenants
Max LTV 100%

Feasible.co.uk are our approved credit brokers who working alongside their award winning partners can search the market place to find you the cheapest loans on the market. They can arrange loans for any purpose including popular options such as debt consolidation, home improvements.

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Good comparison
by Mandy Thomson

Good comparison service and lenders to choose from. Easy application form.

Plently of loans to choose from
by SL

These facility by Feasible.co.uk provided many solutions and gave me choice of several lenders as part of the search. Vey fast and no issues using them. Quick to phone me back also.

What you need to know about unsecured loans

Most lenders offer unsecured loans up to £25,000

Most lenders offer unsecured loans up to £25,000

Firstly, unsecured loans, also known as personal loans, are very useful as they allow you to borrow a relatively large amount of money, usually up to £25,000, without having to secure it on your home or any other possessions. Therefore this represents a low risk option for you, the borrower. You can take out a personal loan for many different reasons and although lenders will ask you for your reason for taking out the loan, they do not make any particular judgement about its use, they are more looking for reassurance that you have a purpose for the money and that you are not just going to fritter it away.

Where are the best personal loans from?

The best personal loans are available from mainstream and peer to peer lenders, so therefore in order to qualify for these you will need a good credit record and also you will also need to be able to demonstrate that you will be able to pay back the loan at the agreed monthly repayments. Personal loans have competitive interest rates associated with them and you could see loans with interest rates as low as 4%, however it is more normal to see interest rates of around 5%. The loan amount you can borrow varies from lender to lender so you will need to check out all of the options to make sure that when you do apply for your loan it meets your needs and also that you meet all of the criteria needed to take out the loan.

Poor credit options

Options if you have a low credit score

Options if you have a low credit score

If you have a history of poor credit then there are still options from a fairly large range of unsecured lenders bad credit lenders who offer loans. As you would expect, the interest rates are higher than the regular ‘good credit’ lenders. If you can find a suitable guarantor then you may wish to consider the guarantor loan option as the interest rates offered by these lenders such as TrustTwo are lower than the unsecured bad credit lenders like Avant Credit and Everyday Loans.

What you need to do

Planning out what you are going to do with the money when you get it is going to take some time and effort, and you should put in at least as much effort into identifying the right loan for you. You will need to look at your own finances and work out what you can afford as monthly repayments. You can then use loan calculators in order to work backwards from here to find out how much you could potentially borrow. You can then use this information to compare loans and see how much you would pay over the total term of the loan so that you know the long term costs in advance. Once you have carried this research out you will then be in a position to apply for your loan.



What is a guarantor loan?

A Guarantor loan can help you gain access to the money you need even if you can't obtain credit in your name alone. Typically a relative or good friend will agree to be your Guarantor. They promise, should you ever fall behind with loan repayments, to personally cover them for you. Because your Guarantor knows and trusts you - and has also agreed to cover any repayment shortfall this makes it easier for a lender to lend.

Who can act as a guarantor?

Most people can act as a guarantor, such as a friend, family member or a work colleague. However, they must not be your wife or husband. They must have a good credit rating and can be either a homeowner or tenant (non homeowner).

How do I know a guarantor is right for me?

If you are having problems getting a loan because of bad credit or you have a low credit score then a guarantor loan may be a good solution. You must be able to afford the repayments, therefore you must consider your financial budget and living expenses.

How much can I borrow?

Generally lenders will grant loans from £500 - £10,000 over 1 - 5 years. You will also have the flexibility to pay of your loan early or make additonal overpayments.

Can I get a no credit check low APR guarantor loan?

No. You will need to undergo a credit check and so will your chosen guarantor. However, guarantor loans are designed with the poor credit applicant in mind. If you do have some adverse credit or have struggled to get finance before, then a guarantor loan may prove to be a good solution.

Will a guarantor loan enable me to build my credit rating?

Yes. By successfully managing your loan payments and making payments on time you will help to build a positive credit rating and credit score.

Is there a large choice of guarantor lenders on the market?

The guarantor loans market has lots of choice with many lenders providing a similar service and offer similar loans and interest rates.

Some of the lenders on the market include: TrustTwo, Amigo Loans, Lendfair, Talk Loans Georgebanco, MasaLoans, Juoloans, Buddy Loans, UK Credit, Tfsloans , Likelyloans, Bamboo Loans, 1plus1 Loans, Solution Loans

Are guarantor loans suitable for pensioners?

Yes. If you are retired or at pensioner age then you are still able to get a guarantor loan. The lender will take into consideration your age which calculating the loan term depending on how old you are.

Can I get a loan as a discharged bankrupt?

Yes. With the help of a suitable guarantor with a clean credit record you can still apply for a guarantor loan.

I have previous missed loan repayments and defaults can you help?

Yes. With the help of a suitable guarantor who is a homeowner and who has a clean credit record you can still apply for a guarantor loan.

My guarantor is a non homeowner who rents is this OK?

Yes. The lenders on our panel accept non homeowner and tenant guarantors.

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