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We’re not tied to one lender which means we can search the wider market to find you the cheapest motorbike loans from across the UK.

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Lending Expert is an FCA regulated credit broker which means you can be assured you are dealing with a legitimate and reputable finance company.

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If you have bad credit or have previously been refused a motorbike loan we can consider your application. Whatever your circumstances please get in touch and we'll do our best to help.

Find The Best Motorbike Finance Deals with Lending Expert

If you are looking for the best motorbike finance deals, Lending Expert is here to help! From your dream Harley Davidson, to your everyday moped or scooter, we have partnered with the award-winning Car Finance 247, who are an award-winning broker and can get you the competitive rates across the entire market, with all credit histories considered.

Bad credit? No problem. We have already helped lots of people to access car finance and vehicle finance with bad credit – whilst securing a great rate for them too!

With rates from 7.9%, we can submit some basic information through our website and get an initial quote. If approved and successful, your finance is transferred to the motorbike dealership of your choice or one that has been recommended to you. From start to finish, the entire process can take just a couple of days and you can be flying down the road on your new motorbike in no-time.

Simply click on ‘Check My Eligibility’ to get started today for a free and no obligation quote!


Key Benefits 

  • Rates from 7.9% and Rep APR 21.9%
  • Borrow £2,000 to £40,000
  • Repaid monthly over 1 to 7 years
  • No deposit options available
  • Bad credit considered
  • Money transferred to dealership
  • Completed in less than a week!


What Can Motorbike Finance Be Used For?

You can apply with Lending Expert for all kinds of motorbike finance including:


  • 125cc motorbikes on finance no deposit required
  • 1,000cc motorbike
  • Classic bikes
  • Harley Davidson finance
  • Mopeds
  • Motocross
  • Motorcycle finance
  • Quad bikes
  • Scooter finance
  • Sports bikes


What Types of Motorbike Finance Deals Do You Offer?

When it comes to motorbike loans, there are numerous repayment structures that you can choose from. Some arrangements will involve paying a deposit and others not, some will have higher or lower monthly fees and also give you the option to own the vehicle outright if you would like to. This includes:


Motorbike PCP Deals

Pay a minimum deposit (around 10% to 20% of the vehicle value) and pay a monthly fee for the loan duration (1 to 7 years) with the option to make a balloon payment at the end and own the vehicle outright.


Motorbike HP Deals

Pay a minimum deposit (around 10% to 20% of the vehicle value) and pay a larger monthly fee until the end of the loan term (1 to 7 years) and then you will own the vehicle outright.


Unsecured / Personal Loan

Apply for a personal loan which is unsecured and transfer this money to the dealership. It means that your motorbike finance is not secured against the vehicle itself (since it is unsecured), but falling behind on payments will incur penalties and impact your credit score. This option can be very affordable for people with good credit scores, with rates from just 2.9% per month.


What Makes and Brands Do You Offer Motorbike Loans For?

Lending Expert can help you purchase a motorbike for any make or brand available in the UK, new or used, including BMWs, Ducati, Honda, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, and any other bike upon request.

What Information Do I Need To Apply with Lending Expert?


  • Value of your chosen bike
  • How long you would like to borrow for
  • Value of the vehicle that you would like to trade-in (optional)
  • Name, age, contact details
  • Proof of driver’s license
  • Employment confirmation


What is the Eligibility Criteria for Motorbike Finance?


  • UK resident
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Individual and business purposes accepted
  • Freelancers and self-employed accepted
  • Deliveries and couriers available
  • All credit histories considered


Do You Offer Part-Exchange?

Yes, we can help if you are looking to part-exchange your existing car, bike or van and trade this in to get a new shiny one. Your vehicle should be in good and working condition and part-exchanging this could bring down the overall cost of your deposit and monthly repayments. 


Can I Apply for Motorbike Finance with Bad Credit?

Yes, we are pleased to offer motorbike finance for people with bad credit histories, including adverse credit, poor credit, CCJs, IVAs and defaults.

Our partners at Car Finance 247 work with a range of finance lenders who are willing to take a view on different credit histories – with some specialising in only offering bad credit motorbike finance.

Since the loan is secured against the vehicle, the lender feels that there is extra security and can always repossess it if the customer does not keep up with repayments. In addition, motorbike lenders want to see that you have a stable income, employment and a good attitude to pay each month on time – and this can help you get the finance you need.


Are There Motorbike Loans with No Deposit Available?

Yes, if you are looking for motorbike finance with no deposit required, we have a range of options available. Whilst a 10% to 20% deposit is common, you can part-exchange an existing vehicle to bring down the overall price – or just cover your initial deposit.

Equally, you could look at making higher monthly payments in order to offset the initial deposit. With over 100 different finance options available, you are sure to find the right one for you, even with no deposit needed.


How to Apply for Motorbike Finance with Lending Expert

You can get an initial motorbike finance quote in less than 5 minutes! Simple click on ‘Check My Eligibility’ and you will be taken directly to our partners at Car Finance 247. It is completely free to apply and will not impact your credit rating.

You will be asked to submit a few simple details and make sure that you have the value of the motorbike you are looking to purchase on hand.

Once the initial quote appears on the screen, you can proceed with the next steps which may involve a credit check and proof of income and employment.

Finance deals can often be confirmed and approved within 24 hours and then the money is passed over to the dealer of your choice so you can buy the motorbike as quickly as possible. A typical purchase takes less than a week – and you can be zipping down on your new Harley before you know it!



Can I get a bike finance for a 125cc motorbike?

Yes. Our panel of lenders and brokers can assist you in securing a loan or a finance deal against any road worthy motorbike from any reputable dealer.

Can I get a motorbike finance or a loan for a Moped or Scooter?

Yes. Our panel of lenders and brokers can assist you in securing a loan against any type, make or model of road worthy motorbike.

My credit rating isnt very good can I still get a bike loan?

Yes. Our panel of lenders are winning to lend to applicants with some adverse credit. There are also a range of guarantor lenders who can help you get the money you need with the help of a guarantor.

Can I get a motorbike loan without a credit check?

No. All the motorbike lenders on our panel will require you to have a credit check to ensure your creditworthiness. The lender will need to see what outstanding debts you have (if any) and to check if you have any history of missed loan payments, CCJ's or any other credit issues that may effect your ability to repay the loan.

I am self employed, does this matter?

No. Being self employed is fine as long as you can show proof of income and adequate evidence. You may need to provide proof of business accounts or SA302 documents from HMRC which shows your income and tax paid for the financial year. You may need to show 2 years worth of income to satisfy the lender.

What is HP - Hire Purchase?

Hire Purchase (HP) is a type of finance agreement where you can borrow a set amount of money over an agreed period at a fixed interest rate. The amount borrowed and the total interest is divided across the entire agreement, meaning you pay the same amount each month. You can also pay off the total early.

What is a Personal Contract Purchase or PCP agreement?

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is a popular motorbike financing option that allows you to pay monthly instalments that cover the bike depreciation during the term of the loan. At the end of the loan agreement, you then have three options: you can return the bike, pay a balloon payment to keep the van, or use the bike as a part exchange (deposit) on finance for a new bike or vehicle of your choice.

We can make your motorcycle buying dreams come true.

Simply check your eligibility and use our finance calculator to find out how much you can borrow and how much it will cost right now.

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