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Payday Loans

Below we’ve listed our top choice of short term lenders and bad credit payday lenders who offer small loans starting from £50 to be repaid over the 1 – 6 months. Loans can be issued same day with a fast and straightforward online application. Compare payday lenders below and simply apply direct with the lender online.

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Rating: 4 / 5 with 2 votes
by Jon Delany

Easy to apply and application process. Had cash in the bank on the same day...!!!

Helpful and easy to use
by Pete Taylor

Found this easy to use and simple application process. Rates are high, but as you would expect from a payday lender!

Due to high interest charges Payday loans should only be used as a short term borrowing solution. If you are struggling with debt then contact the National Debtline for free advice and help.

Why you should compare payday loans when looking to borrow

Short term loans until payday

Short term loans until payday

Thousands of people across the UK struggle to get the loans they need in order to complete repairs, buy new items or to cover expenses. If you are one of this group, then you may have already tried to get a loan from your bank or building society, tried to borrow from friends and family, and even turned to your industry union for the money you need. It doesn’t even have to be a large sum: you might be struggling to raise £100 payday loan or £200 pounds. Yet even with a good job and a monthly salary, you may still struggle to get a loan. This is where the payday loan industry has been so successful, offering money on a short-term basis to people regardless of their credit rating, and no matter how much they need. You can ask for as little as a £50 loan from a direct lender, or as much as £1000. Before you decide that a payday lender is the only solution, however, you may wish to do a little bit more research, and compare payday loans companies.

What is the point of comparing payday loans?

Despite the press which has managed to connect all payday lenders together, there are still some differences which mean that each payday company offer different advantages and disadvantages. For example, it might be useful for you to know whether a lender has declared that they are part of the fairness and respect agreement which will mean that you are at least protected from the worst type of lender. You will also be able to look at different levels of APR, and see which lender can offer you the best deal. This can be very important if you need a large sum such as £1000 in order to ensure that you can repay the loan without having to hold money back from other required payments.

What should you be looking for?

One of the most important things which borrowers can look for in their payday lender is proof that they have some connected with the Financial regulators, the FCA in this case. Almost all reliable payday lenders, plus the brokers who deal with them, need to be granted Permission by this group, otherwise they are not permitted to trade and may demand that you pay a higher rate of interest than is standard for payday lenders.

It may also help to deal with direct lenders, rather than with companies or brokers who outsource the loan. Both the companies themselves and the brokers who work with them should not require third-party lenders in order to get the money their customers need. This is because most third-party payday lenders will be charging a fee for commissioning the loan, as well as the interest which is paid on the money borrowed. This can increase the debt to be paid significantly, and may cause the borrower a great deal of trouble. Comparing payday lenders will allow you to assess whether they are running off of their own steam, or handling a third-party loan.

Is it worthwhile to compare payday loans companies?

Payday loan comparison

Payday loan comparison

If you only want your loan for a short time, it can seem like a lot of work to research a range of companies. This is particularly true if you are desperate for money, and need help. However, taking the time to research the different lenders can help you to save money. It can also prove to be very useful if you have to borrow money fast, but don’t know the difference between established payday lenders, and those who have just started out. Careful research will help you to manage your borrowing and repayment to these payday companies, and in this sense is certainly worthwhile.

What are the alternatives to payday loans for bad credit?

The financial climate has left a lot of ordinary working people with poor credit ratings, so-called ‘bad’ credit, and even with debt collection orders that they have no way of paying. Even without the lack of lending facilities for these people, the dramatic collapse of the banks has caused the average UK resident to distrust and even resent the banks for their behaviour. This has led to the rise of other lending companies, including the well-known payday lenders. Although payday loans are not always as bad as the media declares, there are still plenty of alternatives to taking out a loan with these companies, or with the banks. If you are looking for a fast alternative to the payday loan company, then you can still find help with money, with or without bad credit.

Borrowing on your credit card

Consider using a credit card

Consider using a credit card

You may find that you get a better deal with your credit card than with a payday loan. Even credit rebuilding cards, which usually charge a high rate of interest, will be better than taking out a payday loan with its very high rate of interest.

Guarantor loans with family and friends

Guarantor loans are an alternative option

Guarantor loans are an alternative option

If the problem which is holding you back is not being able to get enough credit to fund your loan, then you should try borrowing using the credit of family, friends or neighbours. Known as a guarantor loan, a person with good credit helps you to apply for the loan, reassuring the company that you can pay. You repay the loan, often over a period of more than one year, or the person who guarantees the loan will have to take on the debt. This can be a good way of getting money if you have a regular salary, but can place tension on your relationships if you do not manage to repay the loan.

Borrowing with a credit union loan

If you want a simple solution to your debt without having to go to a payday lender, then you may be able to borrow the money you need from a credit union. You may not have even thought about this kind of loan, but they can be a great way of dealing with emergency debts. They often have a reasonable rate of interest, and long borrowing periods of up to one year. There are over 400 credit unions in the UK, with more than £600 million on loan to their members. You can easily locate the nearest credit union to you using local directories. They will lend to people in the local area, or the same industry, with bad credit, low credit scores, and with a need for a loan of up to £1000.



Can I get a same day bad credit payday loan?

Yes. All the bad credit payday lenders in our panel can issue same day loans assuming they have all the correct application information they need to make a quick lending decision. If you're a returning customer then your application for any further loan advances will be even quicker.

Can I get a no credit check 50 pound payday loan?

No. All the lenders in our panel will require you to undergo a credit check to check your credit worthiness. However, some payday lenders will accept applicants with some bad credit.

Can I get money from a direct lender?

Yes. All of our Payday lenders are direct lenders who offer loans from £50 pounds upwards. We do not have any Payday loan brokers on our panel of providers.

What are my options if I have bad credit, can I still get a loan?

Yes. We have lenders on the panel who will accept applicants with some history of bad credit. Some bad credit payday and short term lenders will accept applicants who have missed payments in the past, have CCJ's or who are discharged bankrupts.

How much Can I borrow?

Payday loans are small loans to be repaid over a short period of time. For example most lenders offer loans of £50 - £100, £200, £300 etc and up to generally a limit of between £1,000 - £1,500. The amount you can borrow and the loan term will vary from lender to lender.

Can I get a £50 Payday loan while self employed?

Yes. The lenders on our panel offer short term loans to those who are self empoyed, sole traders or company directors.

Will taking out a short-term loan effect or damage my credit rating?

No. Assuming you keep up with your loan repayments and pay back what you owe then taking out a payday loan will not damage your credit rating or credit score.

Can I get a loan while working part time hours?

Yes. If you meet the affordability criteria for the loan then our lenders will accept your application if you are working part time or casual hours.

Do I need proof of income?

No. You will be required to provide proof of income either as an employee via PAYE or will need to provide documentary evidence if self employed, a company director or sole trader.

Can I get the loan paid direct to my bank account?

Yes. All the lenders on our panel will send your loan funds direct to your bank by bank transfer.

Which lenders do you have on your panel?

We work with the following short term and Payday direct lenders. Pounds to pocket, Oakam, Next credit, QuickQuid, Cash Float, Mr Lender, Wizz Cash, Piggy Bank, Satsuma Loans, Drafty, Wageme, Step One Credit, Sunny, Peachy, Uncle Buck, Ferrantum, Cash Lady, Little Loans, Lending Stream, The Money Shop, 118 118 money, My Jar, Wage Day Advance, Wonga, The Money Platform, We lend us and Morses club.

I am a pensioner 65 years of age. Can I apply for a £50 Payday loan?

Yes. If you meet the application criteria and can afford the repayments then you can also get a loan while being a pensioner. This includes applications for older borrowers who are over 60, 65 or 70.

Where can I make a complaint about my lender?

If you have a complaint about your lender then firstly you must contact them to make a formal complaint. Payday lenders have 8 weeks in which they must deal and help to resolve your complaint. You can also refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman if you are still unhappy and have exhausted the company's internal complaints procedure

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