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Good comparison

by Mandy Thomson

Good comparison service and lenders to choose from. Easy application form.

Plently of loans to choose from

by SL

These facility by Feasible.co.uk provided many solutions and gave me choice of several lenders as part of the search. Vey fast and no issues using them. Quick to phone me back also.

Getting a van loan with bad credit

Finance options to buy a van with poor credit

Finance options to buy a van with poor credit

Getting a loan if you have bad credit can be difficult however, it is certainly not impossible either with or without a guarantor. The key thing you have to do when looking for a loan when you have bad credit is to fully appreciate the repayments you are going to make and be able to budget for them. This means that before you decide on a loan, you should take plenty of time to look at all of the loans available as they do vary significantly.

What are the advantages of getting a van loan with bad credit

Clearly the main advantage of a bad credit loan to buy a van is that you are actually able to get the money you need in order to make the purchase as it would not be possible through a mainstream lender. This means that you have an additional asset with which to carry out your work and can therefore potentially maintain a better income. Another advantage that you need to be aware of is that you can actually start to rebuild your credit rating through the successful repayment of your bad credit loan. Just because it is a bad credit loan doesn’t mean it doesn’t count towards your credit rating, so ensuring that your payments are made on time will increase your rating over time.

The disadvantages

You will find that the loan amounts you are able to get on a bad credit loan are not as large as those you could get with a personal loan. However you can potentially get up to £10000, which may be enough for you to make your purchase. The other major disadvantage is that you will pay very high interest rates compared to a mainstream loan. This is because for lenders you represent a high risk, no matter what the reason for your credit rating, because they do not have the reassurance that you will be able to make all of your repayments. This also means that it is quite high risk for you as well as you need to be able to make sure you are in a position to be able to make the repayments otherwise you could be rejected for a bad credit loan as well.

Are there any alternatives?

Get the loan you need with help from a guarantor

Get the van loan you need with help from a guarantor

If you need to get a larger loan, or you want to be able to take advantage of lower interest rates you could potentially take out a guarantor loan to buy a van for up to £7500. In this case you will need to find someone who is willing to be your guarantor. What this means is that they will guarantee your loan will be repaid if you fail to make all of your repayments. If you make all of your payments then your guarantor will never be affected by the process, however you need to bear in mind that if you do end up not being able to make payments that they will be liable for the whole of the rest of the debt.