80% Buy to Let Mortgages

We display and compare all the 80% buy to let mortgage deals from the whole buy to let mortgage market here in the UK. See the best BTL deals and quickly compare rates between different lenders. Change the search filters to expand the range of buy to let mortgages on offer.

80% loan to value mortgages

80% Buy to Let Mortgages

80% buy to let mortgage deals are open to landlords and investors who are able to provide a 20% deposit towards the purchase of their buy to let property. This means the borrower must have a minimum of cash funds available for 20% of the property purchase price. On top of this the purchaser must have funds to pay for additional purchase expenses such as stamp duty and solicitor’s fees etc.

Depending on the type of buy to let property you may also require additional funds to furnish to property or to bring the property up to a rentable standard. You may also need to factor in any finders fees if you purchased the property via another property investor or agent.

What type of 80% buy-to-let deals are available?

By using the buy to let mortgage search facility here on the website you’ll be able to view and compare at a glance all the 80% BTL deals that are currently available from the whole UK buy to let mortgage market. You can view and compare lenders and see who is offering the cheapest and best deals.

I’m new to buy to let investments where can I get advice on financing?

BTL mortgage advice

Our buy to let mortgage brokers here on the website are buy-to-let experts who will be happy to assist you in your financing requirements. We would advise any new investor to speak with a broker before making any commitments to purchase an investment property.

The type of investment property you purchase will be influenced by the type of buy to let mortgages that are available to you. Your broker will be able to explain this in more detail and will help you to evaluate your buy to let investment options.

Can you still get a buy to let mortgage if you have an adverse credit history?

Bad Credit mortgages

If you have a bad credit history then we recommend that you discuss this with a mortgage broker. They will be able provide you with personal advice that meets your requirements and can search the buy to let mortgage market for suitable lenders who are willing to lend to poor credit applicants.

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