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Loan Calculator

Here you can use our loan calculator to find out how much your loan will costs and find what the monthly repayments will be. See how much you’ll pay in interest charges and the overall cost of the loan over the term period. Apply direct for a loan with one of our approved lenders.

This calculator will give you an idea of costs. The exact amount and APR payable will be provided from the lender subject to credit and affordability checks.

Your monthly payment will be:


Interest on this loan will be:


Annual Percentage Rate (APR):


Total repaid will be:


1 providers expertly compared:



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Loan Amount
£1,000 - £250,000

Representative APR

Loan Term
3 - 30 years

Loan Type
Secured Loans & Personal Finance

Homeowners & Tenants
Max LTV 100%

Rated 4.9/ 5

All credit types

Feasible.co.uk are our approved credit brokers who working alongside their award winning partners can search the market place to find you the cheapest loans on the market. They can arrange loans for any purpose including popular options such as debt consolidation, home improvements.

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Rating: 4.5 / 5 with 2 votes

Good comparison

by Mandy Thomson

Good comparison service and lenders to choose from. Easy application form.

Plently of loans to choose from

by SL

These facility by Feasible.co.uk provided many solutions and gave me choice of several lenders as part of the search. Vey fast and no issues using them. Quick to phone me back also.

How much will the repayments cost?

Loan calculator and repayment costs

What will the loan cost?

You can use the loan calculator above to get a good estimate of the monthly repayments payable over the term of the loan. The exact amount of payable will depend on the APR rate, loan amount and term of the loan.

What are the interest charges payable?

The interest rate charges will depend on the lender and your credit history. Use the calculator above to get an estimate of the interest charges payable over the term of the loan.

How much can I borrow?

With most unsecured lenders you can borrow a maximum of £25,000 and for homeowners who wish to take out a secured loan you can borrow over £25,000 and larger amounts upwards to £250,000 plus. Each lender will have their own min and max loan amounts. Make an application with a soft credit search to find out how much you can borrow today.

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