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The Best 0% Purchases Credit Cards

If you need to choose from the best 0% purchase credit cards then look no further. Below we have compared and displayed the best deals from all the leading 0% credit card offers.

Find out which cards you will be accepted for today. This eligibility checker will only display the credit cards you’re mostly like to be approved for:

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TotallyMoney provide a massive range of credit cards. A good service.

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Found a whole range of credit cards using this service. Saves you time and hassle and only shows cards that are suitable given your credit rating.



What is a 0% purchase credit card?

The 0% purchase credit card has a few basic principles which are easy to understand. The card works in the same way as a standard credit card, and offers 0% interest rate on purchases for a fixed period of time. This period can be as short as 3 months, or as long as 33 months, depending upon the credit card company's policy. The period begins as soon as the account is opened, and the card is sent to you, so you need to remove at least 2 weeks from the time you begin using the card. This will help you to avoid mistakes when it comes to the end of the period, after which high interest rates will be applied to the card.

When you obtain a 0% purchase interest rate with your card, you need to be aware that you have to stick to just making purchases, rather than paying debts or other bills, and you must also remember that the cad will have a minimum repayment term, otherwise the purchases will incur interest.

How should I use the card?

In order to benefit from the 0% interest rate deal, you need to make purchases, and only purchases, using the card. Under the terms of the deal, you will not be able to do things such as withdraw cash, for example. This means not only taking cash out from the ATM, but also receiving cashback when you make a purchase, buying gift vouchers, or using the card to buy foreign currency. Receiving cashback is something which few borrowers consider being withdrawing money, but if you do that with a purchase, not only might the cash have interest charged on it, but it could include all of the purchases made with that withdrawal.

You should also be aware that the 0% agreement can be withdrawn at any point by the lending company if they consider that the card user has not been sticking to their agreement. This can mean that if there is any debt on the card when the balance is withdrawn, then the remaining amount will be charged at the usual interest rate, and there will also be other charges relating to the outstanding amount. If you are caught out by the sudden withdrawal of the 0% deal, then you may have to pay a lot of money or risk falling into even more debt.

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