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Product Updated June 14, 2019

Credit Cards For Students

We’ve compared and displayed all the cedit cards that are suitable for students and people who have little or no credit rating. These cards offer good rates and lower acceptance criteria for students who are looking to apply for their first credit card.

Find out which cards you will be accepted for today. This eligibility checker will only display the credit cards you’re mostly like to be approved for:

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Good comparison service

by Anna Tyne

TotallyMoney provide a massive range of credit cards. A good service.

Very indepth search

by Mrs S Hilton

Found a whole range of credit cards using this service. Saves you time and hassle and only shows cards that are suitable given your credit rating.


Money is always tight when you are a student, and one solution seems to be to use a credit card for all your immediate debts. In fact, few students use credit cards, but there are some benefits to using a credit card designed for students, including fast access to cash, a quick way to pay for student accommodation or bills, and also a way to carefully budget your spending so that you don't get in over your head. By understanding how you can use a credit card to benefit your studies, you can decide for yourself whether it is a good idea, or if it is something that you would rather avoid in favour of another alternative.

If you are interested in having a credit card, then there are several reasons to do this, even when you are a student. Firstly, credit cards generally have more purchase protection than other kinds of cards, such as debit cards or pre-paid cards. So if you dispute a purchase, or the card is lost or stolen, then you can claim a refund using your card.

Credit cards can also be very useful to students who have not had much use for cards in the past. They allow the user to build up their credit by using the card, and then paying off the debt. If you want to make your own way in the world after you finish your degree, then you will benefit from having a credit history which will help when you come to apply for future loans and credit later on.

Credit cards for students can also be useful for teaching young people how to control their spending. While a credit card can allow you access to extra funds, there is also a credit limit. This means that you have to stick to that limit while spending. A night on the town might mean not having enough money for essential books, for example, so it can start students off on an education in budgeting and juggling financial demands.

Banks put a lot of effort into bringing students into their own company, and this can include offering them rewards on student credit cards. Some benefits provided by banks, including vouchers, points to be spent at stores like Amazon, and even cash back, can be very useful for students, and are certainly worth considering.

As a student, there are several methods that you can use to handle your money more effectively. Combining the credit card with a student bank account, for example, can help you to budget, and may give you more purchase protection than just the card by itself. However, credit cards are not the only option. Instead, you may decide to look at prepaid cards, or student debit cards.

Prepaid cards are very popular with young people, since they allow them the freedom of a credit card, but also provide limits and budget constraints that mean students can't overspend. These prepaid cards allow you to put money onto the card, and spend only to that amount, preventing you from getting into debt, but also ensuring that you are still free to spend money wherever you choose.