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The facts about cash back credit cards

Credit cards that come with cash back rewards

Credit cards that come with cash back rewards

Spending money using a credit card can be tempting and many people feel very guilty when they buy a lot of things with them. One way to ease the guilt of over spending, and also get a little bit back from your shopping, is to use a cash back credit card. These have been taking the consumer market by storm for several years, and there are many reasons why borrowers are turning to this type of scheme rather than using a traditional credit card. Firstly, the rewards are tempting, and tend to be more useful than the air miles or petrol rewards that were offered in the early part of the 21st century. If you are considering a credit card, then it helps to understand what they are, what they can be used for, and what sort of alternatives are on offer.


What cash cack credit cards are, and how they can be used

Cash back credit cards offer users the advantages of a credit card, with rewards and bonuses as additional incentives. Each time a credit card of this type is used, the user will get either a cash bonus on their card, or vouchers which they can spend in particular stores. This cash or vouchers don’t have to be used in particular ways, so they can be very tempting for credit card users.

Credit cards offering cash back can be used in a number of ways. You may choose to use them on all spending, accumulating a lot of points and getting a lot of cash back from your spending. Others prefer to use their credit card for important purchases, such as electronics or high-value items, while still keeping a debit card for supermarket shopping and middle-of-the-week purchases. You may choose to use your card all the time, but you should remember that you will have to repay all of the spending, and that you may not get your rewards until the account is in credit.


Do any traditional banks offer cash back on their credit cards?

Enjoy cash back benefits as you spend

Enjoy cash back benefits as you spend

Although cashback cards started at the sides of the industry, they are now so popular that many banks are offering similar advantages to their customers. For example, Barclaycard offers a Freedom Rewards card which provides points for every pound spent, and as much as three points for some high-street stores. 10,000 points are worth about £25, and you can get around £30 of points if you spend more than £500 in the first few months of the card being used. The points you receive can be redeemed at other shops, including Boots, M&S and Amazon.


Where else might I get a similar cashback credit card

If you don’t want to trust the bank with your credit card, then you might want to seek an alternative such as the Tesco Clubcard credit card, which offers you rewards, including five points for every £4 which you spend in Tesco, either in the supermarket or at the petrol station, and one point for similar amounts spent elsewhere. Points are worth 1p, and you can exchange 500 points for a £5 Tesco voucher. If you regularly shop at Tesco, this can be a great deal, but is not such an advantage if you don’t use the supermarket regularly.

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