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Buy to Let Mortgage Brokers with No Fees

If you need help finding a buy to let mortgage or remortgage then our experts can help. They have access to the whole buy to let market place which means that you dont miss out on getting the best deals. Our brokers are independent which means they can help you find and secure any mortgage from the entire range of products available.

Free Buy to let mortgage advice and brokerage. Our experts can find you the best deals and have access to exclusive rates:

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50% - 85%

Initial Rate
1.44% - 5.29%

Standard Rate (SVR)

4.7% - 5.2%

Variable & 3 ,5 & 10 Fixed Rate

Rated 4.8/ 5

All credit types

The buy to let mortgage experts at First Choice Finance can quickly assess your requirements and search the market place to find you the perfect mortgage deal. Click get a quote to make an enquiry today.

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Limited market products from the BTL sector

by Henderson

There agents were quick to call me back and were very friendly and helpful. BTL products were limited however.

What to look for in a Buy to Let mortgage broker

The role of the mortgage broker is to find the best deal that matches your needs

The role of the mortgage broker is to find the best deal that matches your needs

Looking for someone to help you arrange a buy to let mortgage in order to purchase a rental property? If you are not experienced in navigating through the thorny world of mortgages, and don’t know what any of the terms mean for you, or how they can be best applied to your situation, then you need a sensible mortgage broker who can deal with your buy to let requirements as well as researching banks and offering you advice about the right teams for you. With a broker acting as your guide, you will be able to find banks and building societies who can offer you the deals you need.

Are you new to Buy to Let? A broker can help you

If you are a beginner to the world of buy to let, then you may have started taking steps towards buying a property without fully understanding how a buy to let mortgage will work. If you employ a mortgage broker, they can help you through the first months of being a landlord, including negotiating with banks, with the estate agents, and with financial officials, in order to get you the best deal for your mortgage. They won’t be able to help you complete planning permission or fire safety tests, but they can show you which mortgage will work best for you, allowing you to concentrate on making the rest of the process as smooth as possible. When a beginner is looking for a broker, they should be looking for someone with experience in the field, and who is willing to help them through the process from the first step until the mortgage is completed. They might also offer you advice about what type of lender to ignore. If they are able to offer you advice about the process, and what to expect from a buy to let mortgage, then you should certainly ask them to search for a bank or building society that could help you.

What will the broker do?

If you have decided to use a mortgage broker, then you will need to look at the specific services that they are able to offer you. For buy to let mortgages, you should try to find a broker with specialities in this subject. They should be willing to talk to you about what you need from your mortgage, and also about the options you have regarding deposit, fixed rates, and tracker terms for your mortgage. Discuss the type of financial arrangement you want, and let them offer you advice about what you need to do. Some brokers will even advise you to wait and save up a larger deposit in order to get the best deals, while others will work with you in the present to guarantee that you can buy the home you want for the money you have right now. You need to be able to look at the broker’s work, and find out why they have chosen the company that they have.

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