Variable Rate Mortgages

Our expert broker team have access to all the variable rate mortgages on offer from the whole UK market place. Compare variable deals side-by-side and see rates, fees and terms together for easy comparison. View mortgage deals on offer for first time buyers and those with bad credit or those who need to remortgage.

What is a variable rate mortgage?

Variable Rate Mortgages

Variable Rate Mortgages

Mortgage deals usually move onto the lenders Standard Variable Rate (SVR) after a fixed rate, or introductory period has ended. The SVR is your mortgage lenders “default” or standard product usually after the initial period has expired.

SVR deals can go up and down and is your lenders choice as to what the rate will be and how much interest they will charge. Generally SVR deals are in alignment with the BOE base rate, however this isn’t always case and shouldn’t be confused with a tracker mortgage.

Variable rate mortgage vs a fixed rate deal?

Since we have had a long period of all time low interest rates, we have also had a long period of low rate SVR mortgages. Many people on Standard Variable Rate mortgages are paying low rates of interest and are happy to continue on the product.

What are the drawbacks to variable rate mortgages?

The lender could at any time increase their SVR mortgage product rates and you may be forced into a position of having to find a better deal to keep costs down.

Mortgage Advice

What mortgage deals are out there?

You can simply use the mortgage search here on the website to view and compare the deals side by side. Alternatively you can speak to a mortgage expert who will go through all the options and choices open to you.

How can I get mortgage advice?

For advice or guidance then speak to a mortgage expert here on the website. Our advice is free and we’ll provide you with choice and options from the whole UK mortgage market place.

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