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Get a Low Income Mortgage With Lending Expert Today!

If you’re on a low income or are finding it difficult to raise a deposit, then our mortgage experts can help you find a suitable mortgage lender. We have access to mortgage products that enable you to get a mortgage with the help of a guarantor or family member who can offer additional security.


Key Points

  • You can still apply for and receive a mortgage even if you have a low income.
  • Each lender has their own criteria you will have to fulfil – speak to Lending Expert to do this the easy way!
  • Low income mortgages are even available for people who are earning less than £15,000 yearly.
  • You can supplement your wages with benefits and child support.
  • There are several ways in which you can prove your income, including: proof of identity, payslips, and, amongst others, your P60.


What Is a Low Income Mortgage?

A low income mortgage is a loan given to a person on a low income to put towards buying land or property. There are so many lenders out there that will accept low income applicants, so why not let the professionals at Lending Expert do the hard work for you? Enquire today to receive expert and impartial advice.


Can I Get a Mortgage if I Have a Low Income?

Yes, you can get a mortgage if you have a low income. It will likely be more difficult to do so, but it is possible. Each individual lending company will have their own criteria to meet in order to get a loan.

A mortgage company will carry out affordability checks to see how much of a risk you are as an applicant. They’ll look at your budget, the size of your loan, and if you can still cover mortgage repayments, household bills, and living expenses. They will also likely factor in whether you’d be able to manage if your circumstances suddenly changed or your interest rates went up.


How Can I Get a Low Income Mortgage?

You can get a low income mortgage by applying online with Lending Expert. We do all the hard work and only present you with lenders that are likely to accept your application. All you have to do is complete our quick and easy online form to receive expert advice from our team.

You’ll need to state how much you’re looking to borrow and over what time period. This will let us check through our vast collection of lenders and find the one that’s suitable for you and your circumstances.


What Counts Towards Wages on a Low Income Mortgage Application?

Your paycheck from a job is not the only thing that counts towards your wages on a low income mortgage application. While your earnings are the most important consideration for this application, lenders will look at other sources of financial stability too. This can include child support and disability benefits.

If you are a contractor or a freelancer, some lenders will consider your savings too. It’s really important to remember that every mortgage broker is different with their own eligibility criteria. Just because one lender will consider your savings, that doesn’t automatically mean another will.

For expert advice, contact Lending Expert. You can start by clicking on ‘Check my Eligibility’ below. Then we’ll ask you to enter some basic details about yourself and your property. Lending Expert will then be able to help you find the best fixed rate mortgage according to your personalised requirements.



Can I Use Benefits to Supplement My Wages for a Low Income Mortgage?

Yes, you can use benefits to supplement your wages for a low income mortgage if you choose a lender who will allow this. Each lender is different, so it’s important to check whether or not they will allow you to do this before you submit your application to avoid disappointment.


How Can I Prove My Income?

You can prove your income with several forms of documentation. In order to be accepted for a low income mortgage, you’ll need to prove your income. Each mortgage lender is different, so start a query with Lending Expert today and find out exactly what you’ll need for your low income mortgage application.

While each lender is different, you’ll usually need the following:

  • Proof of Identity – a current passport or driving licence would suffice.
  • Physical Bank Statements – these would usually be from the last three months.
  • Payslips – usually three months’ worth.
  • SA302 – usually two or three years’ worth if you’re self employed.
  • P60 – this is for if you get bonuses alongside your income.
  • Utility Bills – these must be dated within the last three months, and must show your name and current address.
  • Council Tax Bill – your most recent one.


Can I Get a Low Income Mortgage With Bad Credit?

Yes, you can get a low income mortgage with bad credit. It will likely be harder to get a mortgage with bad credit, but it isn’t impossible. However, the best rates are usually reserved for the most risk-free customers with good credit.

Start your application to get a low income mortgage today with Lending Expert!

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