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Secured Loan Calculator

Use the secured loan calculator below to find out how much the loan will cost and get an idea of the monthly repayments and interest charges. To get an exact quote you can simply request a quote from our top choice brokers below. Secured loans are only available to homeowners and can be repaid over the long term up to 30 years.

This calculator will give you an idea of costs. The exact amount and APR payable will be provided from the lender subject to credit and affordability checks.

Your monthly payment will be:


Interest on this loan will be:


Annual Percentage Rate (APR):


Total repaid will be:


Homeowners - Our award winning experts can compare the cheapest loan deals from over 19 approved Lenders. All credit types considered:

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a loan or any other debt secured on it. If you are thinking of consolidating existing borrowing, you should be aware that you may be extending the terms of the debt and increasing the amount you repay.

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All credit types
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Lending Expert

Loan Amount
£10,000 - £500,000

Representative APRC

Loan Term
3 - 33 years

Loan Type
Secured & Homeowner Loans

Homeowners & Tenants
Max LTV 100

Our expert team can compare over 19 secured loan lenders from across the market to find you the perfect loan. Our team are on hand 7 days a week to handle your loan enquiry from initial quoteation right through to when you receive your loan. Homeowner loans for any purpose including popular options such as debt consolidation, home improvements and buy to let properties. Solutions for bad credit applicants and the self employed. Request a quote to see how much you can borrow today.

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Rating: 4.6 / 5 with 31 votes
Good for secured loans
by Abdul R

Good service for secured loans with a full brokerage service. Good panel of lenders to suit most customers.

Found the right mortgage I was looking for
by Mrs Dale

Had a very positive experience using the mortgage pages. Thankyou.

How can I find out the monthly loan repayments?

Secured loan repayments calculations

Use the secured loan calculator above to get an estimate of the monthly repayment amounts. You can vary the loan amount and payment terms to suit your budget. The exact interest rates and loan amount available will depend on your personal circumstances, home equity and affordability. Apply for a quote above to get a personal illustration from our secured loan experts.

Can I calculate what fees I will need to pay?

When you apply for a personal quote the advisor will be able to explain what broker and lender fees apply to the loan. The fees payable will very depending on the lender and the amount of loan requested. All costs and fees will be explained in advance prior to making any decision to proceed with a loan application.

How much can I borrow on a secured loan and what are the repayments?

This will depend on a range of personal factors such as how much equity you have in your property and affordability of the loan. When you request a secured loan quote here on the website the advisor will be able to provide you with how much you can borrow. Secured loans are available for homeowners only from £3,000 to £250,000 over a maximum repayment term of 30 years for many lenders.

Can I get an interest only loan and what would it cost?

To find out what interest only secured loan products are available we would suggest you apply for a quote above. A broker will then assess your application requirements and provide you with some options from their lender panel.

Can I use this secured loan calculator with bad credit?

If you have ‘bad credit’ it is mostly likely you will pay a higher rate of interest on your loan than compared to someone with no credit issues or ‘good credit’. Request a quote from our brokers here on the website to get an accurate appraisal from a loan underwriter. All quotes are free with no obligation to proceed.

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How long does a secured loan take?

The amount of time may vary depending on your case and how complex your application is. Expect to wait up to 4 weeks for the loan to complete and for you to recieve the funds from the lender. The broker can give you an estimated time frame upon application.

Can I calculate how much interest I will pay?

The calculator here on the page will give you an estimate of the interest charges payable. Your personal quote and mortgage illustration will show the exact interest charges payable depending on the interest rate.

Does a home valuation need to be carried out?

Yes in most cases a home valuation will be required by the lender. The broker will be able to explain the requirements to you upon your application. The lender will need to assess the value of your house in order to agree to lend against the property.

What are the repayment terms on a secured loan?

Most lenders allow loans to be repaid between 3 and 30 years and some lenders allow a maximum term of 25 years.

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