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If you need a homeowner loan to consolidate some of your more expensive loans and debts then our experts can help. We have access to the whole of market and can quickly search all the consolidation loans to find you the cheapest deal. Call us or request a call back today to get a quote or some friendly advice.

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Smart Money

Loan Type
Secured & Homeowner Loans

Loan Amount
£3,000 - £2.5 Million


Loan Term
3 - 30 Years

Award winning broker of the year Smart Money have made it to the top of our list as our No 1 recommended provider for homeowner loans. Smart Money are not available direct to the public and so we are very excited to be able to offer them here via Lending Expert.

They search through 17 lenders in the market place to find the cheapest loans to suit your circumstances. They can help with debt consolidation, home improvements and buy-to-let applications.

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How is a debt consolidation loan different from a regular loan?

This type of loan is specifically issued in order to pay off and consolidate existing debts. Often the lender will stipulate which debt and existing loans must be repaid and will issue a cheque to that lender so that the loan funds can not be used for any other purpose.

How much can I borrow?

A broker or the lender will assess what debts or existing credit you have and how much of this can be repaid using the consolidation loan. The amount you can borrow will depend on 3 factors. How much home equity is available for the lender to borrow against, the affordability of the loan, and your credit rating or score. This can be quickly calculated by the broker as part of the initial assessment.

Which second charge lenders are available?

The following lenders are available on our panel:

Do I need to show proof of income?

Yes. All second charge lenders on the panel will require adequate proof of income.

Are consolidation loans available to self employed?

Yes. You can take out a debt consolidation loan if you are self employed either as a sole trader, a director or limited company. You will however be required to show adequate proof of income which may be in the form of SA 302 documents or business accounts verified by your accountant.

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