Have bad credit and need help to get a loan?

Can You Get A Bad Credit Loan Without Using A Guarantor?

Last year, one in five people were turned down for a personal loan or credit card. Over 40% of these were rejected because of poor credit. If you were one of those people, and need to take out a loan, you might think your only […]

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What Are The Alternatives To Guarantor Loans?

Guarantor loans are a form of unsecured debt which – as the name suggests – require someone to co-sign your loan application, acting as a guarantor and agreeing to make repayments if you’re unable to. Generally, guarantor loans are for between £1,000 and £15,000 and […]

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A Guide To Being A Loan Guarantor

A guarantor loan is an unsecured loan, generally taken out by someone who has a poor credit rating or no credit history. They need a person with good credit to co-sign their application. This person is known as a guarantor and becomes responsible for payments […]

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