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David Beard is the founder and CEO of financial comparsion website Lending Expert. The website provides expert advice and knowledge combined with product comparison tools to bring you the best results within the marketplace. You can also read more about David on Crunchbase , Linkedin and Twitter.

What Is A Fund Manager?

For those looking to make a better return on their investment than that available through a typical UK savings account, buying shares is a good option, even if you don’t have a huge amount of money to invest because they generally offer a greater return […]

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What does the Bank of England do?

One of the oldest banks in the world, the Bank of England was formed in 1694 to act as a private bank to the English government. It remained in private ownership until 1946 when it was nationalised. In 1998 it became an Independent Public Organisation. […]

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How to Successfully Switch Current Accounts

Your current account is one of the most important aspects of your finances. It is where your income is deposited, your bills are paid, and your savings are kept. Many people are not satisfied with their current bank accounts and would prefer to move elsewhere […]

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How Are Interest Rates Set?

Interest rates affect all of us, whether we borrow money from a bank, carry a balance on a credit card, or have a savings account. When we borrow money, we pay interest on our repayments, calculated as a percentage of the total amount we owe. […]

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Junior ISAs: Children ISA Explained

Many parents and other relatives want to start saving early in order to put their children on the path to a stable financial future. Whether you plan on saving so they can purchase their first home, go to university or just have some money to […]

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A Guide To Management Buyouts (MBO) Explained

Thousands of individuals dream of owning their own business one day, and for those that have worked hard to climb the ladder to management at an existing company, it can seem like an impossible task to ever own their own company. Managers will often have […]

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A Guide To Leveraged Buyouts (LBO) Explained

Buying an already established company is almost always going to be an expensive transaction, and many business owners do not have the funding available to make these kinds of large purchases themselves. A large number of businesses are purchased using borrowed money, and a Leveraged […]

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A Guide to Business Loans & Finance

Anyone who has started their own business knows full well that it isn’t a simple or easy task, and the process has a huge number of ups and downs. As the business begins to grow into a powerful and prosperous enterprise, the end goal may […]

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