David Allan

Equity Release Solutions For Under 55’s


If you are under 55 and are looking to release equity from your home then there are a range of practical solutions that will enable you to release the money you need from your property without having to go down the traditional equity release route.

We’ve helped a wide range of people who fall below the threshold to qualify for regular equity release options. Whether you are in your 50’s, 40’s or 30’s we can still help without age any restriction.

What options do you have?

1. A secured loan: You can release equity from your home by means of a secured loan. This is an additonal loan on your propety that is paid off alongside your existing mortgage. You can find out more about secured loans and apply here.

2. A remortgage: You can re-mortgage your home to raise further funds and release further equity. You can find out more about mortgages and apply here.

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