Mortgage Repayment Calculator

Use our mortgage repayment calculator to quickly find out your mortgage repayments. We can display and calculate the repayments for any type of mortgage from all the mortgages currently on the market. Find out how much you can borrow and quickly see the cost and affordability for each mortgage side-by-side.

Why you need to use a mortgage repayment calculator

Calculate your monthly repayments

Calculate your monthly repayments

If you are thinking about buying a new house, or taking out a mortgage on a property in order to rent it out, then you will probably need to arrange a mortgage with the bank or building society. Getting a mortgage used to be extremely easy at the hight of the property boom, and it seemed as though almost everyone could get a mortgage at a reasonable rate. However, with recent changes in the way that banks and lenders operate, there are now more restrictions on banking and lending money, and more chance that you will be refused a loan if you ask for too much money, or for too high a percentage of the total housing cost. Using a mortgage calculator can prevent you from risking the bank’s refusal of your loan, and can allow you to make the right choices when it comes to selecting the house you want to buy.

What mortgage calculators are used for

Every time that you apply to the bank for a mortgage, the application processing team will run your borrowing requirements against mortgage calculator in order to work out whether they can agree to your loan. Their mortgage repayment calculators can involve a lot of facts and figures, but if you want to check out the facts for yourself, then you might try using simplified versions available online.

What to expect from a mortgage repayment calculator

Mortgage repayment calculators can help you to work out whether you can afford to borrow the mortgage needed for a specific house or piece of property. You can work out how much the house will cost in terms of mortgage repayments, whether you are likely to be accepted by the lender, or if you will need to put in more of a deposit than you had planned. These repayment calculators can also help you to compare the prices of different houses you are interested in, allowing you to get a better idea of what you will be expected to pay for on the mortgage. Using the calculator will help you to make more informed choices about which is the right house for you, and where you can afford to live for the amount of money you earn.

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