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Use our mortgage calculator to find out how much you can borrow, how much your mortgage will cost and all the fees and charges applied to each mortgage product. Use the calculator and search filters to find out the monthly repayment for each type of mortgage.

Different types of mortgage calculator

Mortgage calculators help you find out how much you can afford

Mortgage calculators help you find out how much you can afford

If you are looking for help in working out how much you will be expected to pay on a mortgage, then a mortgage calculator can really help you to figure out how much you can afford, and whether it is worth repaying the total amount over 30 years, or even longer. Just as there are different types of mortgage, there are also different types of mortgage calculator, designed to help people work out the cost of refinancing, early payoffs, and APR, among others. Using these calculators together can help you get a much better idea of the cost of your mortgage, and how you can help to reduce it over the term of your mortgage.

Refinancing calculators

When money is tight and you need a little extra money from someone, mortgage refinancing or remortgaging as it is known can be one option. It allows you to get money that you have already paid into your mortgage, in exchange for extending the term of the loan, or increasing the payments. Before taking such a step, it is a good idea to check the financial gains and losses in this kind of mortgage. A mortgage calculator can tell you whether refinancing is a good idea, showing you the total costs of the new mortgage, repayment periods, and whether it can be a good idea to pay down the total balance of the loan in order to reduce the refinancing cost.

Payment calculators for mortgages

When you take out a mortgage, you need to know exactly how long it is going to take, and how much those payments are going to cost you. Payments can be minimised with payoff calculators, which will show you the different mortgages and how they relate to payments, the levels of interest required, and whether early repayment will affect how much you have to pay. There are also payment calculators which can help you work out the different interest rates on mortgages, particularly those with interest options including pay downs and early repayment plants. Other calculators will give information to new buyers, telling them how much the mortgage can be reduced with increased deposits or with other forms of securities.

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