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£200 & 300 Loans

Below we’ve listed our top choice payday lenders for a £200 – £300 loans from lenders who offer small loans to be repaid over the short-term. Bad Credit Loans can also be issued same day with a fast and straightforward online application. Compare the lowest rate lenders and apply online direct.

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by Jon Delany

Easy to apply and application process. Had cash in the bank on the same day...!!!

Helpful and easy to use

by Pete Taylor

Found this easy to use and simple application process. Rates are high, but as you would expect from a payday lender!

Need a small loan? Here is some useful information

Due to high interest charges Payday loans should only be used as a short term borrowing solution. If you are struggling with debt then contact the National Debtline for free advice and help.

Short term loans until payday

Short term loans until payday

Do you need to get money quickly but have bad credit, which means that banks and building societies won’t help you? If you think that you can handle the repayments, a payday loan for £200 could let you have the money you need immediately, and give you enough time to pay it back. £200 doesn’t seem a lot, but if you need emergency cash for something essential, then it can seem like the most difficult thing in the world to get hold of. Payday loans, whatever their risk do offer you the chance to take out the money you need without having to worry about application forms or delays in getting the money.

Is a £200 loan the right choice?

You may need money urgently, but you should also think about whether borrowing £200 is the right solution to meet your needs. Money that is needed urgently can be difficult to repay if you are not confident that you can get the entire loan paid off at once. You should be aware that if you don’t repay the debt within the first month, then the interest rates can climb, and you will quickly owe double the original loan.

You should also be aware of the consequences of taking out a £200 loan that you will not be able to repay at once. Although payday lenders offer to roll over the loan up to twice, you will get heavier interest rates, fees and charges each time to roll the loan. This can mean that you end up owing far more than you originally took out. In addition, if you can’t pay the debt, then lenders can chase you down and may even issue court orders against you. Making the right decision can be difficult, but only you know if you can afford a £200 loan.

Finding the most suitable lender

When you are sure that you are able to afford the loan, and can pay it back within the time required, then you may decide that a payday loan is fine for you. You can certainly choose to have this type of loan, and you may think that as you only need the loan for a short period, you should have no problems with the lender. However, many borrowers have found themselves in trouble when it comes to paying the loan back. Therefore, in order to choose the loan you need, you will have to do some research into the different companies offering you a payday loan. Look at their APR interest rates, and see which is the lowest. Then, look at their charges for early repayment, for extending the loan, or for missed payments. A company that will not charge you excessively could be the right for you.


A £200 loan can be issued within just a few hours or on the same day. A lending decison can be made within just a few minutes.

Yes, applications can be made online.

No. All of the lenders we display will require you to undertake a credit check as part of the application process.

Yes. All the lenders on our panel accept self employed applicants either as sole traders or company directors. You will however, need to be able to proof proof of income.

Yes. You will need to provide adequate proof of income in order for your loan application to be successful.

Yes. Our panel of lenders accept applications from pensioners and older borrowers from 60, 65 and 70 years of age assuming you are able to repay the loan and meet the application requirements.

Yes. All of our lenders displayed here are direct lenders who can offer £200 and £300 loans same day.

We work with the following short term and Payday direct lenders. Pounds to pocket, Oakam, Next credit, QuickQuid, Cash Float, Mr Lender, Wizz Cash, Piggy Bank, Satsuma Loans, Drafty, Wageme, Step One Credit, Sunny, Peachy, Uncle Buck, Ferrantum, Cash Lady, Little Loans, Lending Stream, The Money Shop, 118 118 money, My Jar, Wage Day Advance, Wonga, The Money Platform, We lend us and Morses club.

Yes. All the lenders on our panel will send your loan funds direct to your bank by bank transfer.

Yes. Our lenders will accept applicants who are working part time or casual working hours. You will however be required to provide proof of income.