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Prepaid Cards For Business Use

We have compared and displayed all the pre-paid credit cards that are perfect for business and commercial use. These cards are ideal for controling spending, employee expenses and managing business day to day cash flow. Simply choose a card and apply direct with the card issuer online.

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FairFX Corporate Card

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FairFX provide currency solutions to over 5,000 UK businesses who want to manage their costs and use a smarter way to manage their employee expenses and international money transfers.


What are these business cards?

Businesses need money to function and they also need to be able to keep control of their spending in order to avoid getting into debt. Many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) also need to be able to allow employees and business to spend money without supervision. One of the best ways to keep control of finances and still allow staff to do their jobs in sales and in the field is through a prepaid credit card. These limit the amount of spending available to the user, but can be repeatedly topped up in order to ensure that money is available whenever it is needed. Prepaid cards for business help companies to control business spending without having to keep hold of and manage the company's credit cards.

How can prepaid credit cards be used by businesses?

There are several ways in which a business can make use of the prepaid credit card. Sales and staff who work out of the office require finances to travel. In the past, the employees used their own money to pay for this, and then claimed it back on expenses, but in recent years companies have become more reluctant to do this. The main reason is that there have been repeated incidences of expenses being claimed on things that don't exist, and claiming the costs back creates more work for the team. Pre-paid cards can be used to do everything that a standard credit card can do, but there is no chance of over-use of the card, as you will be able to see the bills each month.

Businesses also need to allow employees to make purchases, particularly as they expand. The cost of these purchases can be kept in hand when you give your employees a pre-paid credit card. You can tell them that they have this limit, and it might even allow them to haggle down the price on items further. The employee will be able to spend freely within the budget, and this gives them greater scope for buying new items that might interest your business.

What are the advantages?

If you are a small business that doesn't have many employees, apart from family members, then you may still find the prepaid credit card the best deal for your money. Many businesses take out online advertisements, and use programs including PPC (pay per click) in order to promote their company. However, if you make the mistake of using a standard credit card, you may soon find that costs rise way above the price you had originally agreed. With a pre-paid card, the charges can only be applied up to the limit you have set on the card. This means that there are no hidden surprises waiting for you when you get your next credit card bill. Only the money on the card can be taken. It also helps to avoid credit card fraud if these advertising businesses are hacked, which will help you to ensure that your business's finances are secure even when you purchase business items online.

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