3 Students Money Saving Must Haves

Sarah Jones (Student Money Expert)

Written by Sarah Jones (Student Money Expert) on November 10, 2018

Updated June 14, 2019

Student saving money must haves

No self-respecting, money-saving student would be without this little lot!

1. NUS and other discount cards

Your NUS card, issued by your University, is designed to make your student money go further by entitling you to a world of discounts – including up to 20% off in high street stores and popular restaurants. Look out for similar cards too – a Yellow Scream Card will cost you just a £1 and get you discount food and drink in one of their trademark, student brand pubs or bars.

2. SNAPFax

A SNAPFax, so-called because of its magnetic cover, is basically a book full of money-off vouchers and special-offer coupons for students. Costing between £2 and £3, you can order them online for all the discounts in your University town.

3. Piggy Bank

No really! Collecting any old change you might have in a piggy bank (or other suitable receptacle!) could really make a difference to your budget. Once you’ve been collecting for a while, take a trip to your nearest CoinStar machine (often available in supermarkets), which will count your money and issue you with a receipt (minus a small cut) to spend on shopping. That way you can turn old change you didn’t miss at the time into much-needed food and drink!

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