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Here you can now view and compare the complete range of mortgages from the Yorkshire Building Society. See the rates from fixed and variable, tracker and deals for buy to let and exclusive mortgages for first time buyers.


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About Yorkshire Building Society Mortgages

Yorkshire Building Society Mortgages is one of the leading Financial Services. The Yorkshire Building Society provides various mortgage options for homebuyers. For customers who wish to secure a fixed rate mortgage, with a set interest rate for the specific length of the mortgage, the Yorkshire Building Society currently offers 46 different mortgages, some of which are only for first time buyers, movers or remortgaging. The fixed rate mortgages range from two year rates to three, five and ten year mortgage.

In addition, the Offest mortgages are also offered that let you gain the opportunity to use your savings to decrease your monthly mortgage payments and bring your interest rates down. Customers can take on an Offest Savings account and access it separately while using the account to bring down the cost of their Offset mortgage. The Yorkshire Building Society has nine different tracker mortgage options, all of which are fixed to two year timeframes. Some of these mortgages also offer cashback to homebuyers, or free standard valuation deals to assist customers get started. All of these mortgages come with early repayment charges and product fees.

The Core Features of Yorkshire Building Society Mortgages

  • highly competitive for fixed-rate and discount deals
  • zero-arrangement-fee deals
  • Options to overpay
  • Borrowing ranges from £25001 to £5,000,000
  • Repayment period from 1 to 35 years

When the fixed rate of a fixed rate mortgage ends you will revert to their Standard Variable Rate unless you choose to switch to a new mortgage deal. You’ll get the opportunity before your fixed rate mortgage deal ends, to explore the other mortgage deals they have to offer at the time and to select the right one for you. The interest rate on your mortgage won’t change over a set period of time, regardless of what is happening to interest rates elsewhere. Because of this you may find it easier to budget for your monthly mortgage payments.

How does it work?

If you want the security of having a fixed interest rate for a set period of time and so the security of a static monthly mortgage payment, then you might find that a fixed rate mortgages offered by YBS provides you with better peace of mind.

For advice on the mortgage application process, you can meet with a qualified Mortgage Advisor at your local Yorkshire Building Society branch, or can call the building society’s contact number. Once you have applied for mortgage and been approved, you can track the details and manage your mortgage online with the Yorkshire Banking Society’s web services. Customers can also access the Yorkshire Building Society’s conveyancing service to help complete the purchase and mortgaging of their new property.

You can use phone call and email to talk with the representatives.

When you request a lending decision, YBS obtains details from a credit reference agency and this will leave a record of your check on your credit file.

The Final advice

If you have a good credit and need flexible and affordable mortgage solutions, YBS serves as a great choice; however, If you are remortgaging and intend to use any funds for the purpose of debt consolidation, YBS will not accept the application.