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Wizzcash is an innovative lender that offers direct and flexible loans of up to £1000 to help with unexpected bills and expenses. As soon as your application is successful, Wizzcash will immediately communicate and lend directly to you with no middleman attached.

Wizzcash began trading in 2012, driven by a desire to help consumers borrow money responsibly and also offer a low APR. Their goal is to keep things straightforward and simple for everyone that requires a loan, whether it be for unexpected bills, important expenses or emergencies.

Wizzcash promises not to continually extend a growing line of credit, and they vow not to force early payback fees or other hidden charges. They take a number of different credit checks to ensure that candidates are suitable, and they’ll only approve loans that they feel will be paid back.

In the event that Wizzcash can’t help or your application is unsuccessful, they’ll use their brokerage services to link you to a panel of consumer credit companies that can offer different loan products with terms between 1 and 36 months. They also offer loan comparisons and will give you access to many different resources and companies that will help you understand your credit rating, as well as make informed credit decisions.

Products & Features

Wizzcash offers a number of different products.

  • Direct lending service - Primarily, Wizzcash offers a direct lending service. There are no fees for applying and there’s no additional services or middlemen in the way.
  • Same day lending - Wizzcash also offers consumers same day lending. Once approved, they’ll quickly transfer the funds over to your bank account within 60 minutes or less.
  • Fast approval process - The company also boasts a quick approval process that takes less than 10 minutes to apply and receive a provisional decision.
  • Simple repayment options - Wizzcash aims to simplify the lending process by making it simple and easy for consumers to pay back in equal monthly instalments.
  • Convenient online services - You can instantly apply for a loan through Wizzcash’s 100% online system. There’s no phone required and no delays.
  • Alternative options - Even if your application to Wizzcash isn’t successful, they can also act as a broker and link you to other consumer credit companies that might be able to offer you a deal.

They’ll help you understand your credit rating better and also assist you in making informed credit decisions.

Wizzcash is one of the most responsible services around. Customers need to meet a minimum criteria before they’re allowed to apply, such as a minimum income of £750 per month. They’re also active on social media, making them a modern consumer credit company that understands the importance of using the internet.


Wizzcash is the modern credit company for modern consumers. With a fully online system, convenient services, alternative options and a fast approval process, there’s little that you can fault Wizzcash for. If you’re tired of phones and paper applications, then Wizzcash offers a simple and efficient way to borrow money for unexpected expenses and emergencies.