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Does the thought of taking out another credit card, or even your first credit card fill you with dread? Do all of the extras, incentives and rewards that credit card companies seem to offer sound great at first but you worry that as soon as you sign up you’ll be trapped? Do you struggle to find a card and a lender that you can trust? You’re not alone. Many people swear off credit cards, but this is largely because they don’t know how to make their credit cards work for them. When you box clever with your card, you can make it work for you rather than the other way around.

When choosing a card, whether for balance transfers, life’s little essentials or an unexpectedly large purchase, you need to know that the lender you choose can be trusted with your financial security. Take a wrong turn and your credit card can become a debt ball and chain that you’ll have to drag around for years. The trick to getting it right, is choosing the right card and the right provider for your needs. As brands go, they don’t get much bigger than Virgin. Let’s take a look at what Virgin Bank Credit Cards can do for your household finances.

About Virgin Credit Cards

The Virgin brand is ubiquitous. It’s as much a British institution as its founder Richard Branson. Virgin Money is one of many of the brand’s facets, offering a wide range of financial services both to businesses and consumers. As well as credit cards, they have ample experience in loans, mortgages, pensions, investments, cash ISAs, travel money and all manner of insurance.

Products & Features

As a major presence in UK commercial banking, Virgin Money has the kind of wide range of credit card products that you might expect, meaning that whether you’re looking for a card to fund your next holiday abroad or simply something to facilitate an easy balance transfer, you’re sure to find the right product. What’s more, the “soft checker” on your website allows you to see if you’ll be accepted before you apply without impacting negatively on your credit rating.

  • Balance transfer cards- Virgin Bank offers a great card that offers 32 months of 0% interest on balance transfers with an impressively low 0.60% fee. Thereafter it has an APR of just 20.9% APR representative.
  • Virgin Atlantic Rewards cards- Frequent fliers will get the most out of this range of cards. The standard reward card allows you to earn flying club miles every day and offers 5,000 bonus miles with your first card purchase. With 0% interests on balance transfers and purchases and an APR of just 22.9% it’s a good all round card, too!
  • Virgin Money prepaid cards- Great for those with poor credit ratings or no credit history. Ideal for those who love travelling but hate the idea of carrying traveller’s cheques.


With a wide range of cards, Virgin Bank offers reasonable rates and some great balance transfer deals. However, it’s frequent fliers who’ll get the most value out of this range!