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TrustTwo are a guarantor lender who offer unsecured loans to people who would have otherwise been refused a loan.

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About TrustTwo guarantor loans

Guarantor loans from TrustTwo

Guarantor loans from TrustTwo

If you have been looking for a guarantor loan in the UK, especially when you are worried of your poor credit, TrustTwo solves your problem and serves you well. TrustTwo is one of the market-reputed providers of guarantor loans, lending the flexible loans ranging from as low as £500 to as high as £10,000. With an average APR of 9.5% and the choice of repayment tenure as 12 to 60 months, TrustTwo probably is an ideal lending solution for those looking for unsecured, affordable and flexible loans and would have been otherwise been refused by the bank.

TrustTwo primarily targets the customers who are not able to get an unsecured personal loan because of a poor credit. By having a guarantor to underwrite their loan, the customers can get loan at a competitive rate, which also provides them an opportunity to consolidate their pay or debt for any big expense or purchase.

The Core Features of TrustTwo Loans

  • Fast application processing
  • Bad credit accepted
  • No upfront or late repayment charges
  • Borrowing direct from a lender as TrustTwo is a lender itself, not a broker
  • Flexible loans
  • Prompt customer service

Who should take guarantor loan?

  • People who cannot get the loan from mainstream lenders due to poor credit score
  • People who cannot or are not willing to borrow funds from a family, friend or a relative directly
  • People who want to improve their credit history
  • People who want a cheaper and more flexible loan than other alternatives

How does it work?

TrustTwo guarantor loans can be issued upon the guarantee of a customer’s friend or a relative regarding repayment. The customer just needs to apply for the loan along with his or her guarantor. Once both are approved, the customer gets the loan within 3 days, on average.

The monthly repayments are made just like any other loan, except the difference that if you are unable to pay the obligations, your guarantor can step in the process and pay the installments, as agreed. As they express to be a customer’s guarantor, TrustTwo easily lends the customer in his or her own name.

The service also helps you improve your credit history if you pay in full and on time. It is a reliable, easier and faster means to get an unsecured loan.

Almost anyone can be your guarantor such as a friend, a family member or a colleague, but not your spouse as they must be aged 21-75 and possess a strong credit history. In addition, TrustTwo also accepts the tenant and non-homeowner guarantors; however, interest rates can be considerably higher in such cases.

The Final advice

Though TrustTwo is a great option for the people who want to get the unsecured loans even with a poor credit, and flexible repayment options, yet before applying for the guarantor loan, you must be confident to pay off your monthly repayments. The guarantor should also be clear about what does it mean to be a guarantor. You can apply for the TrustTwo guarantor loan online by submitting a simple form, along with form submitted online by the guarantor to speed up your loan approval process.


Trust Two are a guarantor lender which means if you have bad credit and struggled to get a loan in the past, then with the help of a guarantor you could be successful with Trust Two.


Yes. Trust Two accept tenant and none homeowner guarantors. If your guarantor is a none homeowner then you can expect to pay higher rates of interest on your loan when compared to a homeowner guarantor.