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About The Mortgage Works

The Mortgages Works is a specialized entity for mortgages, offering various kinds of mortgages for customers, intermediaries and businesses. The mortgage loans offered are based on rental income only. It is a specialist provider of mortgage products, helping customers and mortgage brokers find tailored home buying solutions. Operating mostly through mortgage intermediaries, or mortgage brokers, The Mortgage Wo offer specialist mortgages directly to customers, as well as services for brokers who want a particular mortgage for their client's individual requirements.

The Mortgage Works is often known as a specialist provider of buy to let mortgages. The Mortgage Works's ambitions include the aim to go beyond the expectations of the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) initiative on 'Treating Customers Fairly'. In offering practical financial advice, competitive products with clear and user-friendly guidance, and personal service customized to specialist needs, The Mortgage Works matches these 'Treating Customers Fairly' ideals.

Specializing in buy to let mortgages, The Mortgage Works focuses mainly on offering mortgages for would be landlords. First time landlord mortgages are available for customers new to the buy to let mortgage market. The Mortgage Works also provides experienced or first-time landlords with the opportunity to remortgage their existing residential property as a buy to let. The Mortgage Works offer a range of fixed rate and tracker mortgage deals to suit a range of preferred loan to value options.

Many of The Mortgage Works's mortgage products are available with a free valuation, free standard legal services or even cashback offers, based on the circumstances and subject to conditions. Customers having maturing deals, or mortgage deals with their initial deals coming to an end, are usually contacted by The Mortgage Works.

The Lending Criteria for First Time Buyers

  • Maximum 80% LTV
  • Maximum loan size £500,000 (£350,000 for loans over 70%)
  • The mortgage is given solely for purchasing a new Buy to Let property
  • First time buyers remortgaging a second property are not accepted. This includes inherited properties not under the applicant’s name.
  • Evidence of deposit is required on all applications
  • The Lending Criteria for First Time Buyers

    • Maximum 80% LTV
    • Maximum loan size £500,000 (unless otherwise stated)
    • The applicant(s) must have owned and resided in their residential property for at least six months (with or without a mortgage) at the time of application
    • Applications will only be accepted where there is a simultaneous onward purchase of a new residential property (with another lender), address to be supplied before offer and confirmed by the acting solicitor prior to completion

    The Lending Criteria for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

    • Minimum property value is £100,000
    • Maximum 75% LTV
    • Maximum loan size £750,000 (unless otherwise stated)
    • Landlord experience: at least 2 years as a standard BTL landlord or 1 year as a HMO landlord Let to Buy applications not accepted

    How does it work?

    The various calculators provided on The Mortgage Works’s official website help you decide the best mortgage product for you, based on your specific requirements and rental income. There is no minimum personal income requirement, however, proof of personal income may be requested to support an application. This will be used with other information relating to the landlord and property, to validate that the loan will be used for its intended purpose.

    You can use their online Contact Us Form, phone number or an email to talk with the representatives and initiate your application.