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About AA Credit Cards

In the UK, AA is a brand that has a lot going for it and a reputation that remains strong. It’s known for all kinds of things, but mainly for car insurance and breakdown cover. Not everyone even realises that they now provide credit cards to customers, and there are lots of benefits of choosing their cards over some of the other options out there right now. They cover everything from good balance transfer options to fixed rate mortgages.

Their links to cars and the car industry generally are still intact when it comes to the personal loans they offer. For example, you can get reward points on fuel purchases, so these cards are definitely worth considering if you’re someone who drives and relies on your car a lot. That’s something that applies to many people, and most drivers don’t like the high costs of fuel, so this could be a genuine benefit. But there are many other benefits besides, and we’ll discuss them below, so read on now.

Products & Features

The AA Balance Transfer card is one that’s certainly worth considering. 35 months of free balance transfers with no added interest should not be ignored. Although there are many creditors out there offering that 0% interest rate, not many offer it for as long as AA does, and that’s something that could really sway your decision in the end.

If you care more about purchases than anything else, you need to make sure that you look at the new credit card offered by AA. The thing that makes it stand out most of all is the fact that purchases have a 0% interest rate attached to them for a full 32 months. That’s something that can’t really be beaten in the UK market right now, so it could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

You can also choose an option that offers you a 0% interest rate for both bank transfers and purchases, which is a benefit to anyone who cares about both of those two things. You should consider this if you don't want to be tied to one option or the other. Of course, the introductory offers don’t last for as long because you’re getting double the benefit in the short-term, but that’s a fair trade off.


There’s a lot to like about AA, even if they’re not the name that immediately comes to mind when you think of choosing a credit card. They offer a reliable service, good benefits and perks as well as very good introductory offers for customers like you. Those things combined leave you with a range of cards that can’t really be ignored.

In all aspects of their work, AA is known for servicing customers well and offering them the support they need. The only downside is that applying for a credit card from AA is perhaps not as easy as it is when using other services. But that’s a minor concern compared to the benefits you eventually receive.