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As hard as we may try to plan for the future, none of us ever knows what’s around the corner. This is especially true of our household finances. We all do our best to keep living costs down, save where we can and budget rigorously so that we never lose track of our income and expenditure. We resist the urge to leave our bank statements sitting in a drawer unopened and involve ourselves as much as possible in maintaining financial stability. Yet, despite all of our meticulous planning, sometimes fate decides to throw a wrench in the works.

Although most unexpected costs like torn school uniforms or getting a plumber to take a look at that leaky shower head are fairly manageable, sometimes we’re faced with larger expenses like serious car trouble or extensive wear or damage around the home. When this happens, it’s essential to choose the right financial product to suit your family’s needs. Credit cards may seem like a great solution, but the amount you can borrow with them is limited and while their introductory interest rates may seem appealing, they can very quickly snowball. The right loan can quickly get your family out of a jam, but finding the right lender, and the right product are essential.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a lender who can help you to escape the rental money trap and finally secure a home of your very own, the right homeowner loan or mortgage can make all the difference in keeping your monthly repayments manageable while still ensuring that you get reasonable equity on your property. With so many lenders out there, however, it can be difficult to know who you can trust. Here we’ll take a look at Smile Loans and how their products can make you… Well, you know!

About Smile Loans

A relative newcomer, Smile is part of the Co-Operative bank and have offered internet banking solutions to customers since 1999. As one of the UK’s first online-only banks they have remained competitive and customer-focused while placing ethics at the forefront of their operations.

Products & Features

Smile offer a wide range of financial services from current accounts to ISAs and savings accounts as well as credit cards, mortgage products and all kinds of insurance including travel, home, car and pet insurance. After noticing a lack of customer demand for their loan products they have ceased to provide personal loans as of April 2018. However, they still offer support services for customers currently paying off existing loans.

Smile offers mortgage products to customers exclusively via their intermediary mortgage brand, Platform. Working with professional mortgage advisors, Platform offers a wide range of mortgage products for both residential customers and buy-to-let landlords. Smile’s website has some really useful information on choosing the right mortgage adviser as well as linking to their recommended advisor L&C mortgages who can offer free advice to first time buyers.


While Smile are no longer able to offer personal loans, their wide range of mortgage solutions and history of outstanding customer service since 1999 make them well worth considering.