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About Scottish Building Society Mortgages

Scottish Building Society has developed a range of mortgage products to help those looking to move home or remortgage along with more specialist products. Their products normally have a selection of competitive interest rate options for you to choose from.

The Scottish Building Society’s mortgages are available for first time buyers, borrowers buying moving home or re-mortgaging. There are also Scottish BS mortgages for landlords, self-build customers, and customers wishing to buy or re-mortgage a guesthouse or bed & breakfast in Scotland. Guarantor Scottish BS mortgages are suitable for first time buyers in need or parental support for the purposes of raising enough funds for a deposit.

Residential Scottish BS mortgages are suitable for customers buying or re-mortgaging properties in Scotland. Capital repayment and interest only mortgages are available. Further borrowing for the purposes of home improvements and debt consolidation is an option for existing customers with a Scottish BS mortgage.

The company’s mortgage products include variable mortgages; first time buyers, including guarantor mortgages; specialist mortgages, which include self-build and guest house mortgages; and other services, including home improvements and remortgaging.

Buying or Moving Home & Remortgages

Guarantor Mortgage for First Time Buyers

  • Borrow maximum of 90% of the property valuation
  • The maximum loan size is £300,000 and the minimum loan size is £50,000.

The Core Features of Scottish Building Society Mortgages

  • Valuation admin fee excluded from any refund offer
  • Free legal work
  • Cash back on legal fees
  • Comprehensive range of mortgages available
  • Flexible rates and fast processing of application

How does it work?

Mortgage applications are assessed on an individual basis by Scottish Building Society’s specialist team. You can either visit their mortgage advisers in person in one of their branches or speak with them by phone to find out if they can help. Before applying, it is better to use their mortgage repayment calculator so that you can better view your eligibility. The mortgage repayments calculator can help you with your research into how much your monthly payments might be. You could also change the mortgage amount, term or interest rate and see the difference it makes. It is available on Scottish Building Society’s official website.

The Scottish Building Society Lifetime Mortgage is effectively a mortgage geared towards retirement which is income based & therefore verification of affordability is required by the lender. It can be used as a remortgage vehicle to generally raise additional cash in retirement for whatever needs.

The Final Advice

The Scottish Building Society Lifetime Mortgage facilitates homeowners to spend their tax-free cash as they wish, but with a view to protecting the equity in the home by making repayments of interest only. There are three interest rates which can be selected from ranging from two discounted variable rates with different fee free options, and a 3-year fixed rate. For remortgages on properties located in Scotland Scottish Building Society will contribute £150 towards legal fees and the cost of a standard mortgage valuation is refunded on completion.