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Besavvi Loans


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Loan Amount
£2,000 - £10,000

Representative APRC

Loan Term
1 - 5 years

Loan Type
Personal Loan

Homeowners & Tenants

Rated 4.8/ 5

All credit types

At Besavvi loans you can quickly borrow the money you need from £2,000 to £10,000. Click on apply to get started today and we'll search our panel of lenders to find you the very best personal loan deal.

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Planning your finances can be tricky. We all do our best to stick to the household budget, to keep track of our income and expenditure; increasing the income where we can end curbing the expenditure wherever we are able. There are some times, however, when all the planning, budgeting, scrimping and saving simply aren’t enough. When that head gasket blows and coughs its last, when the roof insulation shows signs of rodent infestation or you just decide that the family has earned a well deserved holiday, sometimes your finances need a bit of a boost.

While there are a multitude of loans that can give them this boost, choosing the right one is vitally important. The right loan can make navigating your family’s financial struggles fast, easy and manageable. The wrong product or lender, however, can cast a long shadow of debt over your family’s financial future. Savvi loans, however, have a wide range of products that can help you to turn your family’s finances around.

About BeSavvi Loans

Savvi (also known as Besavvi) is a division of Hitachi personal finance. It was founded in 2012 and was intended to be the consumer loan arm of the brand. It has a strong focus on bringing loans to people who do not meet the incredibly high demands of the main Hitachi brand (which has a focus on car loans, leasing and financing). While you are still unlikely to be accepted if you have had a default or a County Court Judgement made against you in the last 3 years they offer a range of loans at appealing rates. Moreover, they rate extremely highly when it comes to customer satisfaction with a 99% positive reviews on

Products & Services

Besavvi loans have a range of loan products for a range of purposes of £2,000 – £10,000 over a period of 2-5 loans. Their loans are unsecured meaning that you do not have to secure them against your home or any other asset. Nonetheless, their rates are some of the best on the market, with a fixed interest rate of 16.9% representative and a maximum APR of 47.9%.

Besavvi’s range of loan products includes;

The loan calculator enables you to calculate your monthly repayments and what your overall repayment amount will be, to allow you to fit your monthly repayments around your current household budget. The rate you receive may be based on your personal circumstances and may differ from the representative rate. If you need cash quickly, however, Savvi is an attractive choice as decisions are made within minutes online with funds transferred into your bank within 48 hours. Perfect for life’s unexpected expenses. Best of all, there are no fees if you want to pay off your loan early or want to make overpayments.


Offering flexibility and reasonable interest rates, even if your credit rating is less than immaculate, BeSavvi is a great choice for those who need fast access to their cash and the ability to pay it off in a manner that best suits their circumstances.