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At Santander UK, we are passionate about helping our customers in the moments that matter the most. Our bank is large, customer focused and a full service scale challenger. Our mortgage and savings products are fully established, and we successfully work toward challenging the big four banks in their current accounts, corporate and commercial banking. At Santander, we aim to - and do - provide high quality customer service across as many possible channels.

With 14 million active UK customers, they are at the very heart of everything that we do. With over 800 branches, we believe in a workforce that provides the best customer service possible and we want to give our customers the best financial solutions to their problem no matter what. We do things the Santander way: simple, fair and personal.

Products & Features

Your plans are our reality and at Santander Loans, we do what we can to offer you a product that is right for you and your future plans. Whether you want to head to the nearest car showroom for a new car, make improvements on your home and even give you finances a refresher, we can offer you personal loans from £1,000 to £25,000. To apply for loans above £20,000, you need to be a customer with Santander already, so think about that before you browse our available loan products. There are plenty of reasons that you should look into Santander Loans for your finance, and here they are:

  • Debt consolidation. Taking all your debts that you pay each month and rolling them into one easy, manageable repayment isn’t just easy with Santander Loans, it’s smart for your finances. Taking out a new loan with us to make life easy for you can be the thing that you do today for you.
  • Car loans. Santander Loans offer car loans at a range of repayment terms and APRs. Our personal loans can provide an alternative to car finance.
  • Home improvement loans. Sometimes you need to make an upgrade on your home, but scraping together the cash isn’t the easiest thing to do. Our Santander Loans for homeowners can help you to improve so that you don’t have to move!
  • Wedding loans. Special occasions often come with a high price tag, and a wedding is just that event in your life that could cost you a chunk of change. One of our personal loans could help you relieve the pressure of the day.
  • Everyday loans. If your reason for borrowing doesn’t meet this list, we could still help! There are plenty of reasons for borrowing money and Santander Loans understands that.

    We offer our customers a range of borrowing choices with Santander Loans being the most popular of the bunch. Contact our customer care team today to discuss your options.


At Santander Loans, we aim to give our customers the absolute best, which is why our repayment terms are fair and we cover our bases with personal loans for all circumstances.