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About Sainsbury's Bank Loans

Sainsbury's Bank is the first supermarket bank in the UK and we are proud of this fact. In 1997, Sainsbury's opened its own bank, offering an award-winning range or financial products with attractive rewards for shoppers. We offer a huge range of finance products, including mortgages, credit cards, current accounts and insurance. Our insurance range includes car, home, pet, travel and life insurance, as we do everything we can to cater to everyone.

Sainsbury's Bank is all about the customers, which is why our customers that hold a Nectar card receive additional points and rates that are preferential across a range of our products. We have travel money bureaux at many of our UK supermarkets, and we’re trying to do everything that we can to cater to every customer as an individual. We recognise that money influences us throughout every area of life for our customers, so we want to make it easy for families to get the most out of life and their finances.

Products & Features

Sainsbury's Bank Loans can cover all manner of customer needs, so whether you’re looking to make some home improvements, repay your credit cards or simply take the whole family on the dream holiday, our loans can be the right path for you. We offer online calculators that can tell you the APR on our loans that range from £1,000 to £40,000. You can dictate the loan term you’d want up to 84 months, and you can decide whether you want to kick things off with a two month repayment holiday or not. We believe in giving customers a chance to ensure that their finances are working for them. So, why should you choose Sainsbury's Bank Loans for your financial needs?

  • Still not sure whether we would accept you for a loan? Don’t panic. We offer a soft search that can give you an idea of whether you’d be accepted before you fully commit.
  • We have a wide range of loan amounts up to £40,000, so you really get a chance to tailor what you need to your circumstances.
  • Our two-month repayment holiday at the start of the loan could help you to manage your finances and prepare yourself for the extra outgoing each month.
  • Our payments are fixed to suit your budget, which is why we give you the freedom to choose your repayment term.

We have a multitude of guides online that can help you to ensure that you are able to afford your loan. You should always consider your current budget and not stretch yourself to the point that you won’t be able to afford the new payments that you have to manage. So, whether you have a new car in mind or you just want to have a buffer for finances when you are remodeling your home, Sainsbury's Bank Loans can help.


If you want a fast, friendly and professional service, Sainsbury's Bank Loans could be the loan provider for you.