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Every now and then, a credit card can come in extremely handy. It can help us navigate the potential pitfalls that come with unexpected expense as well as helping us to get the most out of paying for life’s little essentials with their unique range of rewards and incentives. Whether you travel regularly with work, buy a lot of groceries to feed your family or clock in a lot of mileage on your daily commute, it’s likely that there’s a credit card out there to help you start making your finances work a little harder for you.

When choosing a credit card, however, it’s important to opt for a brand which you can trust. And who could be more trustworthy than the brand you turn to on a regular basis for the bare essentials in life like your food, clothes, fuel and homeware? Sainsbury’s Bank has a range of credit card products that can be advantageous for a range of customers.

About Sainsbury's Credit Cards

One of Britain’s most beloved supermarkets, Sainsbury’s really needs no introduction. For decades the brand has helped us to meet our shopping needs, growing in diversification without compromising on the quality its customers have come to expect. In 1997 Sainsbury’s teamed up with Bank of Scotland to bring their customers the same level of quality in their financial services that they have come to expect in their groceries.

Products & Features

Whether you’re looking for a reliable card for everyday purchases, an affordable card for balance transfers or a combination of both, Sainsbury’s Bank has a credit card for you. Plus, because it’s Sainsbury’s, you can expect 750 bonus Nectar card points on all purchases on shopping made with the card above the value of £35. These can be collected within your first two months on up to ten qualifying shops. That's a potential 7,500 bonus points!

Their range of cards includes;

Sainsbury’s Bank Balance Transfer Card- Offers a long 0% interest rate on balance transfers as well as a reasonable APR on purchases. Perfect for those trying to clean up their credit card debt;

Sainsbury’s Bank Purchase Credit Card- For those looking to harness the rewards of credit cards without the punishing interest rates, this is a great card, offering;

Sainsbury’s Bank Dual Offer Credit Card: Offering the best of both worlds, this card offers 29 months 0% interest on both balance transfers and purchases with a balance transfer fee of just 3%! It also has a pretty taste interest rate thereafter with a purchase rate of 19.95% (variable) and 19.9% APR variable.


For those who love to earn rewards on their weekly shop while also enjoying long interest free periods, these cards are a veritable no-brainer! With almost 3 years interest free and all those lovely nectar card points, these cards are extremely attractive to regular Sainsbury’s customers… And just about everyone else!