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An unexpected expenditure can rupture even the most carefully balanced family finances. However we try to ensure that our household finances are meticulously planned with a well thought out budget, a healthy savings account with a decent rate of interest and due consideration before every frivolous purchase, every now and then fate loved to stick a wrench in the works.

Every now and then we’ll cross paths with a leaky roof, a broken oven, an unco-operative washing machine or a car that’s begun to judder worryingly every time the key is turned in the ignition. When this happens, getting good credit fast can lend us a much needed helping hand. But with so many credit cards out there, it’s difficult to know where to turn. Here we’ll take a look at some of the products offered by RBS and how they can help your family finances overcome life’s temporary hurdles.

About RBS Credit Cards

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has been a permanent fixture in consumer finance for decades and is easily one of the most recognisable retail banks on the high street. While RBS was one of the banks hardest hit by the crisis of 2007-2008 and a recipient of a substantial government / taxpayer bailout it has navigated its way to an impressive recovery. Shifting its focus to delivering outstanding customer service and dealing with legacy issues to prevent another financial crisis, RBS has risen admirably to the challenge of winning back the trust of its customers. It has since won many awards including the 2017 Sustainable Business Awards Sustainability Team of the Year.

Products & Features

As you might respect from such a robust retail bank encompassing many brands such as Ulster Bank and Moneysense, RBS has a fine selection of credit cards products. Their experienced team will help you to determine the right one for you based upon your needs, your lifestyle and your current household budget. Their four most popular credit cards include;

The Royal Bank Credit Card- Thinking of taking the family away for a much-needed holiday? This is a great option for you! With a low interest rate and international benefits, Royal Bank Credit Card holders will enjoy;

  • No international transaction fees
  • No balance transfer fees
  • A low rate of 9.9% APR representative

The Reward Credit Card- Great for life’s little essentials like fuel and groceries. Box clever with this credit card and you could make substantial savings on everyday purchases. Reward Credit Card holders enjoy;

  • Representative 23.7% APR (variable).
  • Earn back 1% in rewards on supermarket purchases and 0.5% on fuel.
  • Earn 1-15% back in selected MyRewards retailers including Caffe Nero, Jamie’s Italian, Wynsors, Forever 21, ATG Tickets and Europcar.
  • If you have a Rewards current account, your annual fees are refunded.

Rewards Black Credit Card- As above but with no international transaction fees and representative 37.1% APR (variable).

Student Credit Card- A great starter card for those looking to start building a credit rating for future life as well as helping out with life’s essentials and unexpected surprises. With a maximum credit limit of £500 and 18.9% APR representative, it’s a manageable credit card that can be your best friend in navigating the uncertainties of student life.


Whatever your needs, RBS’ strong customer focus and wide range of credit card products makes it a reliable choice for those looking for a manageable credit card.