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QuickQuid is said to be one of the United Kingdom’s most trusted online lenders. They’re committed to customer service and offering everyone affordable and transparent loans that can be customized to their liking.

QuickQuid has serviced over 1.4 million customers and they’re constantly growing. They’re able to offer flexible short-term loans to UK residents and can provide the total cost of the loan upfront, making it a transparent service that can be trusted. You’re always going to know how much you need to pay back and when, and the approval process couldn’t be simpler.

You’ll apply online through their online system which only takes a few minutes. You’ll need to include some personal details and employment information as well so that QuickQuid knows that you can pay them back. This is because QuickQuid believes in responsible financial management, and it’s just one of the steps that help to give their customers confidence in their service.

Once finished, they’ll review your application which usually takes less than 30 minutes, making it excellent for emergency expenses that have caught you off-guard. The loans are sent to your bank within 10 minutes of your application being approved and you can get on with your day.

QuickQuid has many positive reviews, with customers appreciating their honesty and also their fair terms and conditions. As a loan company, transparency is incredibly important and QuickQuid has made this one of their top priorities. The company is also authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The firm register number is 673738, so potential customers are free to look up the company to check how reliable they are.

Products & Features

QuickQuid offers a standard loan of up to £1,000, with also options of £100, £300 and £500 loans for new customers. Existing customers have an increased credit limit of £1,500. This gives customers a small incentive to stay with QuickQuid. In addition to the approval process being sped up because you’re an existing customer, you’ll also get more money to work with.

There are also multiple repayment options available to customers. There are several repayment periods as well, so you’re able to personalize the loan to your needs and budget, and most loans can paid sameday. Customers can even pay back the loan early at no extra cost, and the entire process can be managed online, making it incredibly convenient to both apply and pay back the loan.

Something that makes QuickQuid stand out is their approach to customer service and reliability. Instead of just offering a loan service, they also let customers know about their commitment to security. Your information will be protected with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, meaning your data will be in safe hands with QuickQuid. They also offer clear terms which means you’re always in-the-know and in control of everything.


QuickQuid might not have the largest loan amounts available, but their fast approvals process, dedication to the customer experience, focus on protecting your data and also incentives to use QuickQuid again in the future, it makes them a very enticing option for your short-term loan needs.