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Compare all the mortgage deals currently available at the Principality Building Society. Using the mortgage search facility you can compare these rates against others to quickly discover who is offering the best deal. See deals from tracker mortgages, fixed and variable rate and first time buyers.


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About Principality Building Society Mortgages

The Principality Building Society was formed in 1860. It is a mutual building society based in Cardiff, Wales. The Principality has more than fifty branches. Most of the branches are in Wales, but there are a few across the border in England. Up until 1980s the Principality Building Society was purely a building society, but in 1986 it expanded into the property sector when it acquired Peter Alan & Parkhurst estate agents.

The Principality Building Society offers a range of different services. These include savings accounts, mortgages, insurance, estate planning and the provision of financial advice. The society also provides commercial services for business customers. There are many mortgage products available from the Principality Building Society. The society offers a selection of fixed rate, discount and variable tracker Principality BS mortgages for first time buyers and existing homeowners.

Principality Building Society also supplies buy to let mortgages for new and experienced landlords and property developers. Some mortgage products from the Principality Building Society allow customers to make overpayments or take payment holidays.

  • Fixed rate mortgages – this mortgage offers the security of a fixed interest rate for a set period of time so your monthly mortgage repayment doesn’t change regardless of whether interest rates rise, fall or stay the same.
  • Discount mortgages – these mortgages could help you to keep your repayments to a minimum in the first few years of your mortgage. They are variable rate mortgages offering a discount against Principality’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR) for a set period of time.
  • Tracker mortgages – this type of mortgage links your monthly repayments to the Bank of England Bank Rate, which means your mortgage rates will increase or decrease as the Bank Rate changes.
  • Buy to let mortgages – Principality offers a selection of buy to let mortgages for new and experienced property investors.

Mortgages are available at up to 90% loan to value (LTV) and you can get a range of flexible mortgage features including payment holidays, overpayment, and underpayment options. There is no product fees, legal fees or valuation fees on selected mortgage deals.

The Core Features of Principality Building Society Mortgages

  • Max First Time Buyer LTV:75%
  • Max House Purchase LTV:75%
  • Max Remortgage LTV:0%
  • Min Loan: £5,000
  • Max Loan: £250,000
  • No arrangement fees
  • No Higher Lending Charge (HLC)
  • Valuation Fee: £330
  • Exit Admin Fee: £155

How does it work?

Existing Principality Building Society customers can take advantage of mortgage deals by speaking to a mortgage advisor in-branch or via telephone. You can also use mortgage calculator and repayment calculator to determine the best deals available to you. Once your application is submitted, you get connected to the mortgage expert for further processing.

The Final Advice

Offering a range of mortgage deals and flexible repayment terms, Principality Building Society Mortgages is another good option if you want to have either fixed or variable rate mortgage with minimal number of fees and charges. Off course, you must have a good credit history to get accepted.