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Here you can view and compere all the mortgage deals from Precise Mortgages. See their most current and up to date mortgage range and see how they compare against other lenders. View rates on fixed deals, variable rate offers and their buy to let and first time buyer range.

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About Precise Mortgages

Precise Mortgages is a specialist lender. They offer a wide range of mortgage products via selected intermediaries and unlike mainstream lenders, they can be more flexible about the type of customer they work with. The Precise product range include regular mortgages for customers with an impeccable credit rating, but they also provide mortgages for people with a few minor imperfections in their credit histories. The company has recently opened its product range to include first time buyers and purchasers of new-build properties.

Many customers need specialist mortgages or loans but, all too often, they are not catered for by the high street lenders. Precise Mortgages is here to help your customers get the mortgage or loan that they need. We’ve created a wide range of options from residential to buy to let mortgages to bridging and second charge loans.

Customers can access short term and long-term lending options through Precise Mortgages. They provide mortgage products for residential and buy to let customers, plus bridging loans and second charge mortgages.

Residential mortgages from Precise include a selection of fixed price and tracker mortgage products. Self-employed customers are accepted by Precise. Customers with no other income apart from a pension will also be considered subject to affordability checks. Residential mortgages are suitable for home movers, customers looking to re-mortgage, and first-time buyers.

Landlords can choose from a selection of buy to let properties of up to 80% loan to value. Buy to let products are suitable for first time landlords and landlords looking to extend an existing property portfolio.

Bridging loans from Precise are suitable for customers in need of short-term finance for purchasing a property at auction or expanding a buy to let property portfolio. There is no limit on the amount that can be borrowed in short-term finance.

Second charge property loans can be used to generate funds for home improvements, as a deposit on another property purchase, or even to pay a tax bill. Second charge loans are suitable for customers who prefer to leave their existing mortgage intact.

The Core Features of Precise Mortgages

  • 5-year fixed rate products help customer affordability by not applying a stress rate
  • Up to 85% LTV
  • Maximum term of 35 years
  • Debt Management Plans accepted as an ongoing commitment on selected products
  • A vast range of new build products

In addition to long-term borrowing products, Precise Mortgages is also able to offer highly competitive bridging loans for those in need of short-term finance in order to cover any temporary cash flow problems they may be facing whilst awaiting the sale of a real estate asset. To gain access to the low rates and flexible borrowing terms available via Precise Mortgages, you will typically need to use the services of a professional intermediary service.

How does it work?

Precise Mortgages offers instant decisions on mortgage applications, even out of hours. The online application system is available 24/7 so customers don’t have to wait for days to hear whether their application has been successful.

The Final Advice

Precise mortgages are good for the customers looking for an alternative to high street lender and those with a less than perfect credit history.